Tensions between Natalie Markway and her children? She sways in everything

Could Jean-Pierre Bernaud’s legacy destroy his family? Can we believe that the grandchildren of the journalist and Natalie Markway do not get along? Should we expect a reworking of the war over Johnny Hallyday’s succession? These are the questions for JPP fans now that his legacy has become a topic. It’s been just over two months since Natalie Markway’s husband left this world. She also returned to TV to talk about her mourning experience on the set TPMP, in C8. So it was just a matter of time for the public to research more about the financial downside of this issue.

In fact, they may be very private subjects, when one is as famous as Jean-Pierre Bernaut, the indiscretion of his admirers becomes oddly legitimate. As for Johnny Hallyday, but on an undoubtedly smaller scale, the JPP is part of the family of all the French and he had no or almost no secrets to them. So those same fans are counting on Natalie Markway to be trusted by the press. And Objeko I tell you everything.

The legacy of Jean-Pierre Bernard is spoken about

The famous journalist who presented the TV newscast on TF1 has passed away at 1 pm for more than 33 years. He left this world on March 2, 2022 at the age of 71. When the news was official, it was France that accompanied his family and loved ones in pain. Natalie Markway and her two children, Tom and Lou, were the first to whom the audience’s thoughts came. But Jean-Pierre Bernaud also had two children from a first marriage with Dominique Bonnet. From this union Julia and Olivier were born and they also have children. So he was very journalist and was not a bit proud of him.

However, the fact that Jean-Pierre Bernard had two children before he had two more children with Natalie Markway may complicate matters regarding his inheritance. This is already reminiscent of the composition of the succession of Johnny Hallyday. But to the family of rockers, his older children don’t seem to get along well with their mother-in-law. While Nathalie Marquay confirmed, on May 17 he is still on set TPMPthat all soldered.

The words you then emphasized in columns expensive, was asked by our colleagues directly about inheritance. Actually, Objeko And his readers were not the first and will not be the last to draw a comparison between the legacy of Jean-Pierre Bernard and that of Johnny Hallyday. Thus, to the question “Could the caliphate cause a family warAnswered by Natalie Markway “Oh, especially not!”.

A family united in adversity

According to the widow of Jean-Pierre Bernard, relations between her and the grandchildren of her late husband are good. As well as the relationships between these adult children and her children. For example, it is not uncommon to see Tom and Oliver sharing their photos together on Instagram. Both, like their father, are passionate about car racing. “The children get along very well. Tom and Olivier are very close, in particular. We are soldered. Olivier is like Tom, very sensitive, and I think Julia and Olivier were reassured knowing that I was always with their father during these difficult months.”Columns, Natalie Markway said expensive.

Finally, she makes it clear that inheritance is not a topic that will be discussed in her family. Because it is a question that was settled during Jean-Pierre Bernaut’s life. And at no time did he have the idea of ​​treating his children differently from one another. Natalie Markway wants to note that her husband was a wonderful father. “I want people to know that Jean-Pierre was an exceptional father to all his children. He always protected them.”She said. Nor was there any question about her husband’s life, or causing disagreements or dividing the family. since then, Objeko We may conclude that the inheritance war will not count toward the burdens of Natalie Markway and her relatives.

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