Fred Modry and Pauline Abeni, Supplementary

Since their companies had already existed before they met and each preferred to create their own projects and mutually participate, if necessary, in specific actions, Fred Modry and Pauline Ebeni ​​did not want to create a company of their own history. Collaboration for family peace? No, it’s because everyone can transfer their skills to the other while letting them take the lead in creating their own. They explain it.

On love, art and fresh water 2/5:
For a long time, the artist was presented as a loner. In contemplating his art, as a priority, the painter or painter, writer, and writer cannot thrive in married life without forgetting the urgency of his art.

However, intimate life is often at the heart of all creation. How does the life of a married couple inspire creation, what are the problems during creation? Is there competition or emulation? Jealousy or Annoyance? Confrontations or concessions? How do we share roles if it comes to sharing them? So many questions we asked of pairs of artists working in Valais. They tell us about the status of the couple in their artistic practice. Also a way to get into their creative principle. Because in a nutshell, with each of them, art and the couple are closely related.

Why didn’t you form “your company”?

Fred Modry: When we leave school with something to say or the desire to develop projects, we form a company. When we met, I had a number of shows already under my belt and Pauline was hers. We have already participated in our respective companies. Pauline focuses on topics and topics that are really close to her heart. And perhaps I have something more multiform. I’m working on the project so we haven’t given up on our companies. But we cooperate regularly.

Pauline Abeni: We love working together and depending on the project, the other can bring in his or her skills or can fit in with a role.

How it works?

Pauline Abeni: When you lead a project, you have a global vision of what you want to do. You have to work upstream, make choices in form and content, choose the people on the team, the costume designer, the scenographer, the lighting designer… Sometimes I asked Fred to play in my creations, because it was so obvious to me that it was him.

Fred Modry: …and inevitably when I enter a project I take my part, the role of the actor, the role of interpretation, I put proposals on the line.

Pauline Abeni: We work well together because we listen to each other, respect each other and can talk.

Fred Modry: When there is no chef.fe cannot work. Someone has to decide and take the lead, when this is Pauline’s project, she does. And when I drive my project, I have the final cut.

Does being in a married couple bring something different to the way it works?

Pauline Abeni: We dare to say things to each other, it is very important, what I love is that I feel confident with him. I do not feel comfortable, because I still have doubts and fears … but I feel that he supports and encourages me, while always telling me things honestly.

Fred Modry: With Pauline, I have a feeling our romantic and professional relationship is really healthy. At work, we treat employees the same way we treat ourselves. We are respectful and attentive. We’re not really a couple arguing, we’ve had to do this twice in 8 years, so it makes work fun.

Gaspard and Bush Up do very well, but you’ve never wanted to start a joint venture? Gaspar up?

Pauline Abeni: For me, it is important to maintain my identity and independence and also in business and to propose projects that are close to my heart and owning my own company allows me to do so.

Do you define yourselves as independent integration people?

Pauline Abeni: I don’t quite agree with the term “fusional”, nor do I feel that way, but I feel good with Fred and at work too. Since the job of creating a show is challenging, it is really good to have a qualified and trustworthy person at your side. However, I have created projects without him and others will come without his participation.

Fred Modry: Pauline is participating for the second time in Gaspard’s project “7 Dreams” with Paola Pagani and Pierre Misfud, next season. It’s playwriting, so a lot of ideas you’ll come up with during the rehearsals. You will occupy an important position, the position of dramaturg, which is to arrange all this to create meaning and coherence.

Thus, they accept each other’s proposals…

Fred Modry: Everyone hears them! This is already a lot. Then, the person leading the project chooses what interests him or her not and what the other can bring to the project. As far as dramaturgy is concerned, it does some damage, it necessarily raises questions that question your work. Certainly difficult. If we don’t go there, we won’t find anything.

No misplaced ego in your story?

Pauline Abeni: When you work for another, you are in the service of his project. The other takes what he wants and what he deems necessary and conforms to his desires.

continued! Tell me, was there a place where there was a dispute?

Fred Modry: Pauline works super hard, and her projects are well laid out. This avoids conflicts. The irony is that everything works but she still doubts! I ask myself fewer questions, I go for it! I am more instinctive. We complement each other well.

Pauline Abeni: Sometimes we disagree, but that’s okay. It pays to confirm choices, and hold them accountable as well, makes things move forward.

So you are saying that you are complementary?

Pauline Abeni: Yes, we have complementary qualities and we do well together. In addition, Fred listens and supports me. We can also talk “at home” about our doubts even if we’re not working on a project together. Creating and performing a powerful show, it strengthens the bonds even more and makes them even stronger. It’s so great to share all this with the one you love

Fred Modry: With Pauline, I feel more calm in the way I work in work and in life. I think we complement each other well. We introduce each other.

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