Covid vaccine: rebound effects

It was about a year ago. After much hesitation, I followed the advice of a nurse friend and scheduled an appointment to receive the first two doses of what the scientific, political, and media doxa had decided to commonly call it. Serum Fighting covid-19.

It must be said that since March 2020, we have been working hard day in and day out to terrorize us with the arrival of this new virus from China – more specifically from an animal market located in Wuhan, near the P4 lab. Dealing with SARS-like coronaviruses. The death toll was numbered like clockwork at the beginning of each news item as epidemiologists and doctors accustomed to the clusters wowed us with numbers and speculation about the extent of contagion, symptoms and lethality of this famous SARS-COV-2 virus. We were confined to our homes, in our apartments, with the strict rule of being satisfied with a Doliprane tube in case of symptoms and waiting to be on the verge of suffocation to call SAMU.

Psychosis has spread to the entire population, maintained by the media with all the gluttony we know for excitement. Moreover, the epidemic was global. The whole community is at a standstill. The brains were drugged by ratcheting up information that contradicted each other over time without any of the street vendors coming to make my fault. The French lost their sense of Latin as well as their critical sense. Made by our leaders, their minds shortened by emotion and subjective guilt, they threw themselves well in spite of themselves to the strategy of mass manipulation revealed by one of the world’s most respected thinkers, Noam Chomsky.

I didn’t get away with this steamy machine, far from it. Disabled for many years, obsessed with the fear of suffocation even when drinking a glass of water, I was literally paralyzed when the outbreak of this virus that can attack the pulmonary tracts was announced and, on a roll of the dice, sent me nonstop to the hospital or morgue.

For this reason, and I will return to this, when the new generation vaccines entered our lives, I found a cure for my fears. Even if you feel a little apprehensive about these products. I, like many people, have been waiting for a conventional vaccine, based on an inactivated virus, of the kind that has been vaccinated since I was young, and whose harm has been proven all over the world. Thank you, Mr. Reverend.

So this famous vaccine was injected in May 2021, made at Pfizer. Two doses spaced three weeks apart of mRNA. Aside from a slight shoulder pain the first time, everything went like clockwork. “You see, my friend at the time told me everyone was smiling, there was no need to make a big deal out of it.”

in fact yes. Then the story began.

First, with slight numbness in the hands. I had a problem with the index finger on my right hand, for example cutting a piece of meat with a knife. I didn’t pay much attention to it until the pain spread to my fingers, accompanied by electrical sensations, especially in the pulp when I had to type on my smartphone. Gradually, it became harder for me to grip, pull, and push things, while I noticed moderate atrophy in the muscles in my hand. The skin was not left out either: very sensitive to friction, it began to blush and ache for anything and everything. As if I no longer have a “layer” of protection, the cartilage and ligaments are exposed. From there I had to wear gloves to drive or wash my son’s hair. Today, this is not enough anymore, and I have to endure the burning sensation in my palms for two days that can only be relieved by contact with cold water.

Then the feet entered the game. With the same kind of paresthesia, burning sensation, tension and pain that, over time, made it difficult for me to stand still. I also noticed slight muscle atrophy to the point where I sometimes lose my balance. The problem extended to my ankle, which became painful when I walked for more than an hour, with the constant fear of someone spraining: my right foot sometimes “slithered” onto its side, something that had never happened before.

I also noticed that my skin long and deepR. He blushes quickly, sometimes to the point of pain, simply by relying on some support. A jacket sleeve on my hand, my computer leaning against my thigh, and my phone in my hands can leave deep, sometimes comedic marks, as if my skin had turned to mud. These marks eventually disappear after thirty minutes to an hour without leaving a hematoma. I never take my socks off anymore, because the flesh of my feet can barely support bare contact with the ground. Even a common rug. Last summer, I had to put my shoes on to walk on the sand. I, who loved to dip my feet in the warm sand and run along the beach, now sit on my towel and watch my son play until it is time to leave.

So of course, I consulted. General Practitioner, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Shrinkage, Endocrinologists…without success. At least, without results that come with the beginning of evidence that something inside of me was out of reach. So I consulted an internist – sort of a Dr. House specialist in diseases with strange nicknames – who had me do a thorough blood and nerve examination and an EMG:

Result: nothing. Nada.

My doctor is still suspicious Nervous problem that will work quietly Therefore it will not appear in reviews. So I have to do EMG exams every six months while waiting for a diagnosis. Than a name to put on my symptoms.

Meanwhile, in this lovely month of May which is too hot for the season, my hands and feet are on fire if I use them normally; Elbows, wrists, and knees are sensitive to the slightest support, so much so that I sometimes find myself lying in bed in the evenings, sick like my 110-year-old grandfather, my hands hot and irritated as if I’d rubbed them for hours on sandpaper.

Needless to say, my physical condition has some repercussions on my morale. When you don’t even feel like carrying a shopping bag, chopping potatoes, or walking around a store, it becomes difficult to get into a job or even a romantic relationship. You become a burden to yourself, and you don’t really need to feel heavy in other people’s eyes either.

So is it all wrong with the vaccine? Very clever who would say it. Maybe in 5, 10 or 20 years, when will the patents be filed? When will the medical, statistical, and legal worlds retreat sufficiently from the abnormal frequency of rare diseases that emerged after the 2021 mass vaccination?

All I know is that I was in perfect physical health before these injections. And that Pfizer, whose vaccine was welcomed by the blood of Christ, repeatedly found itself doomed to heavy fines, particularly for acts of fraudulent business practices or disrespect for the environment and human rights.

Something to put a flea in our ears, as Bill Gates said.

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