What we do know After the death of a couple and one of their children, Finistere was swept by a wave

“On Thursday, May 19 at 6:40 pm, the CROSS Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) in Korsin received an alert from SAMU 29 informing it that three members of a fishing family had been swept by a blade from the hold of the Maritime Prefecture,” Bors Lobos in Plogov said in a press release. The site was blocked on Friday by the city council in order to prevent an influx of spectators and a possible accident, we learned from the county of Finistère.

The tragedy occurred on Thursday, a little more than an hour before the tide rose in Bourse Lobos. A spokeswoman for the Maritime Prefecture said that the sea at this site, located a few kilometers from Pointe de Raz, was rough with strong swells, but the weather was not unfavorable.

Suddenly the blade of the three people took over the dam. “They were swept into the sea,” said Finistere County Chief of Staff David Votels. Witnesses immediately alerted the emergency services and significant resources were deployed, in particular three helicopters, as well as resources from the SNSM (Rescue at Sea) and firefighters.

Three other children in this family were not at the dam

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The two adults, aged 55 for the father and 33 for the mother, recovered around 7:30 p.m. from cardio-respiratory arrest, but rescuers were unable to resuscitate them.

The dead child’s body was recovered shortly after 10 p.m., which put the search on hold.

Three other children in the family, two brothers aged 14 and 15 and a 10-year-old girl, who did not climb the dam on their side, are safe but shocked. They were taken care of by the medical and psychological services.

A joint search by the Gendarmerie and the SNSM on the Breton Coast. Photo Caption: Guillaume Le Roux
“Unless new elements emerge, this drama will obviously have no legal consequences, and no crime will be noticed at this point,” Kimber Prosecutor Karen Haley determined. She added that an investigation was conducted “only” to establish the circumstances of the deaths.

The fishermen also came to lend a helping hand, notably to search for the little boy’s body, noted David Fultz, Finistair County Cabinet Director David Votels.

“There is no explanation for such a tragedy.”

He commented that there is “no explanation” for such a tragedy at the moment, and no major weather-related cause.
He added that the family had been living in nearby Audierne for several years.

“We are all in a state of shock despite the impressive work of the emergency services and police,” Finistre Mayor Philip Mahe told a news conference in Plugoff.

“The weather seemed nice almost summery. But at sea, there are remnants of a great swell from the south, with mighty waves crashing on the shore. The danger does not appear”

Julian Pencik (SNSM Savior)

The Maritime Prefecture described in its press release the very important means that were implemented to search for the three people: three helicopters (those of the National Navy, Civil Security and SAMO), and two speedboats of the National Rescue Company at sea from Audierne. and Seine Island, a team of divers, a team of drones, and a team of firefighters are also located in large numbers elsewhere.

Among the other resources that took part in the research were a naval affairs patrol boat, a brigade of the Naval Gendarmerie, and at least one fishing boat.

Alert to Pines in the Gironde and Charente Maritime

The Gironde and Charente Maritime prefectures advise against swimming this weekend on the coast due to dangerous weather phenomena, especially strong “pines” currents that drown each year.

In the Gironde, where the prefecture has already advised against swimming on Wednesday after a series of drownings on the coast between Sunday and Tuesday, conditions will again become especially dangerous due to the convergence of the following phenomena: swell and waves on board, strong currents and formation of bays, high air and water temperatures for this season,” she explained in a press release.

Maximum Danger to Pines

The prefecture asks to “exercise extreme caution and avoid swimming outside supervised bathing areas” in the municipalities of Lacanau, Horten, Carcans and Vendez-Montaleft, about fifty kilometers from the coast.

In Charente-Maritime it is not recommended to swim “in the bays”, which are water holes that appear harmless but whose currents can quickly reach the sea. The prefecture quotes, in a press release, the statements of Le Grand Village-Plage, Saint-Georges-de-Oliron, Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, on the island of Oléron, and La Tremblad, near Royan, as follows: “Particularly concerned”.

According to the same source, Météo France “confirmed the existence of maximum risks to Pines on Saturday on the coast of New Aquitaine (5 degrees on a scale of 5)”.

Starting this summer, a warning system for Pines will be built on the coast of Aquitaine based on an avalanche model, according to an October announcement from the delegate’s governor for defense and security in the southwest region. When the danger is high, an alert message will be broadcast in the media, trains or camps.

France Press agency

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