Pediatricians’ simple solution to save our children!

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Pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths each year worldwide. And children, even before they are born, can be affected by the consequences of this pest.

Pollution kills 9 million people in the world every year, or 3 times more than AIDSTuberculosis and malaria combined, according to the latest study from “The Lancet Planetary Health.” The Children are not spared From this pest that sometimes causes diseases Long before giving birth.

as such BREATHE PROJECT DATAInstitute of World Health Barcelona, ​​Institute for Environmental Assessment and Water Research, approx All newborns From the world DISCOVERABLE LEVELS POPs (dioxin or Insecticides for example).

The Children are more at risk to their environment of adults, because they The nervous, immune, and digestive systems The others have not yet finished forming it. causative factors Many chronic diseases accumulate from Early stages of life. Everything that happens in the mother’s womb is in stages fetus and fetus It is of vital importance for the proper growth of the future child.

The data shows that there is an “A An increasing number of childhood diseases linked to a polluted environment” and that Biggest Threats comes from Homes and schools! The consequences of pollution on health are more Visible and visible in developing countrieswhere the degree of pollution is much lower than in industrial countries.

Several threats Environmental influences in one way or another affect the health of children:unsafe waterlack of hygiene and sanitation, air pollutionsmoking tobaccoHazardous chemicals and many more…

Beware of repeated exposure From mother, baby and child to endocrine disruption already known to be harmful, which was confirmed by the research. The The causes of pollutionAccording to BREATHE, developmental modifications.

There is evidence of an increase in recent decades in several putative hormone-dependent diseases, among which we can highlight changes in the maturation of male reproductive organs, changes in testicular function, and cancers of the testes and prostate.

manifested before growth retardation congenital intrauterine malformations, growth problemsfunctional impairment (nervous behavior, imperviousreproductive) and more great willingness For the development of chronic diseases in life such as Diabetes and cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The Pollution is responsible Thyroid dysfunction and neurodevelopment about kids. The report also describes consequences such as Low birth weightprematurity or growth retardation In children and infants.

about the atmospheric pollutiongenerated by road traffic, consumptionContaminated tap waterthey delay intrauterine growth and Affect the increase in some distortions congenital Numerous studies prove thatexposure to high levels of air pollutants associated with increased disease Respiratory system (bronchitis, asthma, etc.).

so for Fight negative effects Pollution to health, pediatricians recommend a simple solution: Reconnect with nature! “The urgent need to describe nature” Advocates for Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega García, Chair of the Environmental Health Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP). According to specialists, One in ten students “Wear one bronchodilator in his bag.”

“The Pediatricians should prescribe naturechildren must pass at least hour a day In contact with greenery. The The benefits are huge Among them there is a Memory improvementimprove visual acuity, decrease in cortisolOverweight…”

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