Health: La Chartreuse improves psychological care for children and their families

The Mental Health Foundation inaugurated on Friday, May 20 at its main location in Dijon, a new building for the Child Psychiatry Centre. Two modules are grouped together to better understand and support the development of children and adolescents.

At the La Chartreuse Hospital Center in Dijon, a double objective is maintained, namely to honor the 2021-2025 creation project and to improve the offer of care by promoting pathways in a partnership approach with other health actors. But also within the hospital and the structure of psychiatry itself.

The opening of the new building of the two units of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Center on Friday, May 20, 2022 was a concrete illustration of this, in order to follow the child’s development as closely as possible while being mindful of his mind. As well as by measuring the family problems that he may face.

The project aims to combine the father, mother and child unit and Petits pas care unit in the same building. Hospitals for two days increased their working hours. It has been completed since May 2, on two floors, with an area of ​​840 square meters.
The operation was carried out in a former abandoned building in La Chartreuse, and the cost amounted to two million euros. 65,000 euros were invested in furniture.

“Helping everyone have a better self-awareness

and its environment”

This approach does not qualify as simple convergence. According to François Martin, director of the La Chartreuse Hospital Center, this is a “coherent refocusing” and an improvement in the provision of care in relation to two units not located on the institution’s main site.
Formerly called Fontaine aux Berlingots, the Petit pas care unit was located in the college district. The father, mother and child unit is “only available on a few square metres”, in part of the Rameau unit in particular.

The recently opened complex has “more than 20 steps in a quiet setting,” François Martin noted. This is near Prisme (12-25 years old) and Intermède (11-17 years old). More than 80 children are followed at the USPP and 300 parents and children are cared for at UPMB.

The aforementioned pole goes further, with fourteen units ranging from perinatal to almost the majority in southern Côte d’Or and on a larger scale as the components are cross-sectoral, including UPMB. 130 professionals, with multidisciplinary teams, are involved “in prevention and care actions directed at families, prospective parents, parents, infants, children and adolescents,” summarized Dr. Audrey Binggood, chair of the center, to support the prosecution of an “integrative approach to health.” Psychological and physical care are considered Health professionals have a way of “accompanying everyone to a better awareness of themselves and their environment, and also by cultivating benevolence towards ourselves.”

The new two-unit building was designed by A2 Architectes. The rooms and other spaces are made with colorful furniture and accents. Child psychiatrists, midwives, psychologists, mediators, psychotherapists, and speech therapists, among a host of professionals, will greet and progress with patients and families in designated, quiet settings.
Handmade activities, both fun and educational, as well as sensory workshops can be offered as needed.

“It is the cornerstone of early mental health management.”

Management delegate at the Côte d’Or Regional Health Agency, Aline Guiblin, welcomed the procedure “which allows health professionals and patients a clear, distinct and coherent pathway.” In parallel with the “push made by the national policy to psychiatry”, the representative of the Australian Rehabilitation Association expressed confidence in the La Chartreuse projects, for which “one million euros were supported for child psychiatry and parenthood over five years”.

“It is important for the Cote d’Or coast. We are all committed to supporting people on life’s journey, building community psychiatry, inside and outside of walls. Here, he is the cornerstone through early management of the mental health of children but also of their parents,” appreciated Emmanuel Quandt, Chair of the Supervisory Board of La Chartreuse.
The Vice-President of the Cote d’Or County Council also sees it as a good argument for attracting health professionals, in a regional dynamic that the director of the health institution has not failed to point out by citing partnerships with CHU Dijon Bourgogne, Hospital Center Bonn, Acodeje, National Education.

Psychiatry is going through a crisis that may be resolved or may end very badly. “Ten years ago, half of child psychiatrists left, and the average age of those practicing is 62,” said Dr. Pierre Pace, chair of the founding medical committee. Before declaring: “Do we wait for it to fall on our heads or do we make and build it? This is the direction we have taken here. There is a desire to get close to patients and build innovative projects.” This is in particular to stem the employment crisis by demonstrating that the links are woven and strengthening mental health management.

Alex Berther
Photos: Alex Brether

The two units combined:

Small Steps Care Unit
Formerly known as Fontaine aux Berlingots, the USPP welcomes children from birth to 6 years of age with disorders that warrant specialized hospital care. The unit provides screening, prevention, diagnosis and care procedures. In addition to the medical service, the USPP offers a full range of individual and group care in the form of therapeutic mediation or rehabilitation. All of this takes place in a renovated building in the heart of the former rented building of Dijon, a place that has been designed to receive children and their parents in the best possible conditions.

Father, mother and child unit
The main mission of UPMB is to provide adapted outpatient perinatal psychiatric care for parents who are going through psycho-emotional difficulties and their children. As part of the new founding project, the offer of care in child psychiatry tends to expand. Thus, since 2018, a day hospital has been established to accommodate several pairs of mothers and children on a half day weekly. In addition, since 2020, there has been a mobile team enhancing the offer of care through interventions in families’ homes (psychiatrist, midwife, child care nurse, psychologist). The unit, which is now open every day, offers a day hospital for mother and child, reception time and several parent-child therapeutic mediations.

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