Going shopping, renting a house or getting married in Metaverse?

To get started: What is metaverse?

  • 👉 that it Infinite virtual world Where users can interact with each other, in real time, via avatars.
    👉 We
    can develop there in 2D (via a computer) or Three-dimensional (Thanks to a virtual reality or augmented reality headset).
  • 👉 There are many metaverses : decentralization (for social gatherings), Axi Infinity (virtual world of fighting games), sand (for lovers of games and culture), dead (Facebook metaverse)
  • 👉 Everyone has their own economy, based on their cryptocurrency.
  • 👉 Experts estimate that the concept will already be developed (and accessible) within ten years.

  • decentralization

Zoom in 8 points…

NFT Costume Maker in Metaverse
the factory

At the end of March, in the Decentraland metaverse, a… Metaverse Fashion Week ! Yes yes, you read that correctly. Fashion shows, pop-up stores, after parties…it was all there! Among the brandsdigital fashion” Guests: Ouroboros And studio maker.

Principle ? supplied with Cryptocurrency (Virtual currency that can be bought with real money), your avatar can buy a robe, dress, shoes to flash on clothes Your virtual character. Each costume designed by the designers is unique. Sometimes you can even… Make it happen in real lifefor you (however, I’m not sure how easy it is to wear it every day…).

Many major brands such as GucciAnd Adidas, H&M and Zara Concept stores have opened in Metaverses, where unique pieces can be purchased. Made by Nike and Roblox Nike Landmetaverse That you can wear like a superstar athlete.

Wedding in the Decentraland Metaverse

In February, Ryan and Candice Hurley said yes to DeCentraland! More than 2,000 guests (approximately) attended, as was Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bulik. And yes, their marriage is indeed legal, as confirmed by law firm Rose Law Group. After the ceremony, all the avatars came together to celebrate …

  • 3. Go to a concert (or the cinema)

Travis Scott (Fortnite)
It is an electronic game

FIn 2021, three famous artists held free concerts on the Facebook metaverse (still inaccessible in France): David Guetta, Young Thug and The Chainsmokers. in France, Aarti has also tried it By organizing a concert for Timothy Jolie in February 2022.

sOther than that…these parties were a failure.

Too avant-garde? Possibly, but mostly technically problematic and not up to par visually, according to the comments. Right now, it’s mainly about exams. But ten years from now, when you’re stuck at home on a Friday night in pajamas with a splint or a sick child to keep at home, Take the opportunity to escape to a concert or to the cinema in the Metaverse areawith your avatar pimped for the occasion.

  • 4. Buying… Artworks

Roger Kilimanjaro, Vision 7. Luck, 2021
Roger Kilimanjaro, Vision 7. Luck, 2021

For simplicity: NFTsthese are virtual goodsIt was created using a proprietary technology whose name you may not be familiar with: blockchain. Thanks to this technology, these virtual objects (virtual businesses, homes, clothes, etc.) Unique and traceable, that is, they contain their own code digital title deeds which certify its authenticity.

Digital artists are real stars in the industry! It has been a huge hit with art dealers. Even auction house Christie’s sold Pebble’s “Every Day: The First 5,000 Days” work… For more than 69 million dollars !

Every day: the first 5,000 days
Every Day: The First 5000 Days by Pebble

This work joined the list of the most expensive works ever sold at auction, along with paintings by Picasso, Monet, Rothko and Van Gogh.

Tomorrow, you might be able to buy some (of course the most affordable ones) for Decorate your home or virtual officeor admire it while hiking virtual museums (there are already some in metaverses)…

  • 5. Attending meetings or classes

Horizon Workrooms, the Facebook metaverse
Horizon work rooms

“Have a little Metavers meet in 5 minutes?” In August 2021, Facebook was launched Horizon Workrooms to work remotely with colleagues in the form of avatarswhere In his own virtual office (The place where you will hang your artwork) …

the future ? Not only. Siemens and Hyundai have already used virtual worlds For staff recruitment and management. for Stanford Universityhosted its first metaverse class last December.

“Virtual reality has become the medium on which students rely (…). The course is based on learning by doing. Rather than being limited to textbooks, Students can experience firsthand Therapeutic medicine, sports training, and empathy education”, Jeremy Beilson explainsThe professor in charge of the programme.

  • 6. Investing in real estate

  • Destination, the metaverse of real estate NFTs

If you want to open a business, cinema, library or build a house in the Metivers area to get away from it all (designed by a real architect and offered for sale by real estate agents – Yes it exists), First you will need to… buy land !

The profession of digital real estate broker is growing. And land can be expensive! In November 2021, real estate agency Metaverse acquired virtual land there… for 2 million dollars.

In the future, agents can also use it to sell merchandisewhich will be designed there: thus, one can visit from Toulouse a property located in Bangkok, in an immersive way.

  • 7. Vote

  • FB

And yes: Each metaverse is a universe in itselfWith its own currency And own judgment.

For example, if you own SAND in the Sandbox (the official cryptocurrency), you can invest in the stock market, buy land (virtual real estate) and also… participate in politics! for example, You can vote for or against upgrade changes.

If the metaverse continues to evolve (which it surely will), there is no doubt about it Their political and economic system will continue to evolve. Hence also the interest that the big companies see in it, to establish there now, to be effective …

Sexual Harassment In Metaverse??

And yes: in the metaverse, users unfortunately reproduce the same behavior as in real life…

Many women, after the Horizon Worlds test, launched by Meta, reported being sexually harassed to the point that their experience was marred. In response, Meta announced its intention to create a minimum distance between avatars.

In metaphysics, it’s a whole new piece of legislation to put in place!

  • 8. And of course…playing

  • The Metaverse The Sandbox

Of course, we are far from a world first player, a dystopian science fiction novel by Ernst Klein. In a declining world, the inhabitants escape in a massive planetary virtual game, “Oasis“.

However … today, in sandYou can buy the land (The Lands), create whatever you want there (it will be unique and therefore… monetizable), sell, rent and offer free or paid events (in a growing mix of Simcity and Minecraft).

Other games: Axi Infinity (for fans of games like Pokemon) or even very rare (For football lovers).

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