Cindy (married at first sight) her wedding dress reveals a lot? This clothing incident…

No one ran away: The dress that Cindy wore on her wedding day was not the same as the one she chose. The dress was actually very cropped. The user wanted to know why. The main interested party responded During a live broadcast on Instagram on Tuesday, May 17th. We tell you everything!

On Monday, May 16th, Cindy and Joffrey said yes to each other on the show Married at first sight. Party by many fans of the program. It looks like these two are made for each other. On the other hand, Joffre, a former great swimmer, lives in Marseille. At the age of 39, he decided to take part in the show. Because he finds it hard to find love. His friend Eric is still confused. ” It’s perfect. He is kind, gentle, caring, meticulous ‘, he actually explains to the M6 ​​cameras.

Cindy, the 33-year-old beautician, has been looking for a boyfriend for two and a half years. without result. So she would like to find a relationship that works for her, thanks to the show experts. ” I don’t know how to find a suitable person for me ‘, she explains to the cameras Married at first sight.

A difficult ordeal for a married couple…

So Estelle Dossin called bachelors. According to experts, they already have a consensus of 76%. When she hears the news, the boxing fan breaks down in tears. She also rejoices her sister and her best friend.

However, recently, Estelle Dossin’s accounts have come under heavy criticism. Actually, Caroline clashed violently with Estelle Dussin and Pascal de Sutter. Because the young woman did not need to marry to realize that she would not end her life with Axel. For a good simple reason: The 29-year-old concierge manager found nothing attractive in the young man, the 30-year-old project manager and site pilot. According to her, they did not even share the same values.

She also criticizes Caroline Estelle Ducin and Pascal de Sutter for not helping out against internet haters. She has many complaints against them. I blame the experts in the sense that, obviously, by putting myself in someone who doesn’t meet my physical and psychological standards, I won’t fall in love. Anyway, not at first glance. It was inevitable that I would be humiliated and they knew it wellcaptured.

Cindy Designer to the Rescue!

And to add: Experts know that if a spouse does not fall in love, they will be summarily executed because viewers expect love, and no one warned me. Nobody checks that I’m okay“, So ended Caroline. We remember Sulene (season 2020) who had the same nightmare. She wasn’t attracted to Matthew either.

Joffrey, however, doesn’t seem to have taken Caroline’s reproach into account. The swimmer could not tell his colleagues about his marriage. It was answered by Olympic medalists such as Frederic Bousquet and Florent Manaudou. Laure Manudo’s brother spoke on the video. ” I’m going to put Joffrey’s wedding on my calendar now. And so he was released to his friends.

Despite Jauffrey and Cyndie’s will to say yes, the two young men had to face a major test. In fact, Cindy had to face a shocking rejection from her mother. The latter actually did not want to set foot in the wedding. A real slap to the bride!

Married at first sight: “Here you are … there everything happened. »

Never mind, Cindy still does everything to enjoy her marriage. Yes, but now, her dress played a nasty trick on her! “It was great but it was just fine, my chest didn’t rise”I explained During a live broadcast on Instagram Tuesday 17 May. To specify: “But on the morning of the wedding, I was losing my bras.” We made emergency alterations and changed the way the dress was displayed. So the cute and adorable stylist went to a stylist to pull my suspenders off. And the rise of the belts…here you go…there everything rose. ”, She already said. Viewers will remember!

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