A widower receives 80 children who did not want to be with them in their last moments

Muhammad Bazik, a widower, has devoted his life for more than twenty years to children with terminal illnesses. However, despite the tension that accompanies it, he prefers to stay by their side until the last moment.

Children light up the world, and parents and guardians are usually willing to do anything to protect them. This task is generally more difficult for parents whose children have health problems.

Sometimes these problems can be corrected with a simple operation or even medication, but other times the disease is incurable.

While some children are fortunate enough to have parents or guardians who will do anything to raise them and no matter the challenges, others are not so lucky.

Imagine a terminally ill child, with no one to lean on, left at the mercy of strangers in orphanages. Unfortunately, this situation is the reality for some children who either have no parents to take care of them or no one to adopt them.

This is what Bezek discovered when he immigrated to the United States and discovered children who had been abandoned for one reason or another. This brave man rose to fame on social media when news broke of his decision to help children.

Your costume took care of many children until the last moment.

Bezek became a popular name on social media after news of his cute behavior spread.

The man left Libya for the United States in 1978, but soon realized that the American dream he was pursuing had to wait for his arrival. He married a woman named Dawn in 1989, who was looking after adopted children.

In 1995, they both decided to devote their efforts to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. Even after his wife died in 2015, Zeke stuck to his oath because it “seems natural to carry on.”

The widower spent more than two decades caring for terminally ill children who had no one to look after them. Besides losing his wife who died of a blood clot in her lungs, Mr. Bezek lost dozens of children, but that didn’t stop him from being there for others.

Over time, Bezek’s house has become a haven for terminally ill children who cannot speak or hear, making it his goal to laugh and be happy before he bids them farewell.

Your outfit makes time for a girl with special needs

It’s full of emotion, but Bezek struggles to keep a promise he made to his late wife. As of 2017, he lives in California and is said to be caring for a 6-year-old girl who was born deaf and blind. The little girl has microcephaly, a disease that causes the brain to not develop properly. According to Bzek:

“The only way to communicate with her is by touch, and so I hold her in my arms. I want her to know that someone is there for her. Someone loves her. She is not alone.”

Bezek’s priority is to make sure her adopted children feel safe. Sometimes he would even organize vigils at their bedside so he could keep an eye on them. Its effect on children helps extend their lives and brings them peace they did not know before.

Deputy Regional Director of Case Management Services, Rosella Yusef, who continues to send children to Bzek, said:

“Mohammed is an exceptional foster father. It is his love and excellent care that has allowed the child he is currently caring for to thrive, as she was originally expected to live only a few weeks. He has kept her alive far beyond her doctors’ expectations.”

Bezek helps his son with his work

In addition to caring for her adopted children, Bzeke is also raising her son Adam, who suffers from a bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. Bazeek told the people:

“This is how God created him, but he is a fighter, like the children who came to live with us.”

Adam studies computer science at Citrus College but can’t use his hands much due to weak bones. Therefore, he relies on his father to help him with his homework and simple tasks like getting dressed and bathing.

When asked why he set himself the daunting task of adopting children with special needs, he replied:

“Even though these kids can’t communicate, they have souls. They need someone to love them. I tell them, ‘It’s going to be okay, I’m here for you.'” We’ll get through this together. “

BZEEK thinks you should take care of children

In truth, not many people can do what he does to your outfit, but a man has reasons other than the promise he made to his wife. Her relationship with children comes from her ability to understand their plight.

Loneliness was all he felt on his sick bed when he was sick in the past, which meant he could deal with feeling sick and needed help. And you can’t count on anyone.

Most of the children who spent their final months with Bezek as infants were brought from Los Angeles County hospitals, where they were neglected by parents who were unable to care for them.

The story of this Libyan immigrant emphasizes the need to show care and kindness, especially for people who cannot provide for their basic needs or who do not have a family to support them.

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