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Usually these are articles on Fridays on the blog # good morning provided to you by the editor. I deviated a bit from the norm (Saint-Jean-Luc, I hope you didn’t wipe your anger!) by posting a somewhat directed article today. # Gift. It’s in my mood now!

In my daily freelance life, I regularly inform professionals about the importance of editorial content on the web. You recently finished a small file A Guide to Good Practices for Effective Writing on the Web for Tourism To pass it on to each of the project leaders I support.

At the dawn of the summer period, I present it to you here so that you can, if necessary, share it with Social professionals in your area !

Good Practices for Effective Writing on the Web for Tourism

Definition of writing on the Internet

Web writing consists of production Influential and compelling text content Specifically adapted for web use (website / blog article / newsletter / social networking). The three main goals of writing for the web are:

  • seduce and capture the reader
  • encourage him to take action On your website, like clicking a button to call you or book your accommodation/activity online
  • Optimizing natural references Your site and its position in search engines

Prerequisite => Know and write for your goals

Before starting any work of writing editorial content for different pages of your website, it is necessary to do so Know who you are talking to What are your main tourism goals:

  • Geographical areas of residence
  • Socioprofessional (CSP) category
  • personal values
  • Families, couples, groups, seniors, newlyweds, tribal friends…

And find out what they are hobbies the basic:

  • Entertainment
  • Symposium
  • Cultural outings
  • outdoor activities
  • Gastronomy…

By knowing your target tourist customers, Web content writing becomes more flexible And simple. In fact, your content will specifically target this type of person, so you are sure to interest them.

the shape

In the model, it is necessary to Well structured content per page by almost systematically using the following form:

  • Main Title / Key Phrase maskede to catch the reader
  • translation is possible complete hook
  • 2 to 3 short paragraphs Including short sentences max
  • from The content is presented as a list (With Icons or illustrations Maybe)
  • Call to Buy button (Call your action) Optional

Web writing has its own rules and adapts to the behavior of the Internet user especially mobile user Who is more in a hurry and oblivious!

Use Short, well-ventilated paragraphs So it is particularly suitable for Smartphone reading. It is also necessary in your paragraphs of Organize the information correctly In order of importance Based on Highlight (bold) keywords.


  • short and simple sentences
  • use the present
  • Use active voice and simple turns
  • no denial

Feel free sometimes to dare a littleHumor or an atypical tone for you Stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition.

To engage the reader in what you are talking about, address them directly with “you all” And do not hesitate to Writing your own tourism content scripts (storytelling) for your highlight peculiarities and yours Competitive Advantages. Learn how to explain creativity for the purpose of convey feelings for the reader.

Guide: Watch out for spelling errorsConjugation and grammar! A page with many errors can distract the visitor from your message and lose its credibility. To avoid this, feel free to Correct your language and have it reviewed by a third party.

Natural Reference and Search Engine Positioning (SEO)

Google prefers quality contentUnique and useful for internet users. More than ever, write content that aims to inform, persuade, and achieve your goals and not just submit an optimized text to Google.

In order to improve your site’s natural referral, visibility and positioning in search engines, it is important that you do so Produce content that matches potential research intentions of your goals.

Choose and select your own expressions/keywords wellTake care of your headlines, enter good links and Regularly produce high quality content (Always come back to him content!).

a Blog or news section It has great benefits in terms of search engine optimization. will allow you Post regularly Content and gradually increase semantic cocoon and the Topics you want to put yourself on at your reference level.

And since this little guide of course doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive Bible, I invite you to add the relevant additions in the comments area!

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