“We left our offices to meet more quickly”

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You necessarily know the couples around you who formed through the dating app. You may have tried it. big hit It tells these great stories about love or friendship 2.0 that start with a swipe, like, or just a message.

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Nour and Ben have been in a relationship for 4 years. They met via an app: “I wasn’t actively searching when I found Ben’s profile. I was only busy when I had 5 minutes free. I was too lazy to give appointments and make myself a private schedule just for that. I didn’t want to bother with my daily life that It was well organized and which suited me. But Ben arrived and it all exploded.”

video. “What is happening is a fundamental issue for our society”

Noor and Ben started chatting online first: “It was very fast. I swiped his profile and then did the same. After an hour of seeing his picture and reading his bio, we started chatting. I must have been bored in the office that day, because I couldn’t He did nothing but talk to him. He answered quickly, I hardly had time to search from my cell phone. He made me laugh. It was the first time this had happened to me. When I realized we had been talking for about two hours without being able to stop, I asked him to meet me We left our offices to meet faster. No appointment after work. We were in a coffee shop at 4 p.m. It was crazy because I’m not that kind of person at all, and then I found out he was too. We were just like each other. We had to meet. When we found each other, I had the impression that I was doing something crazy and at the same time I had the impression that it was the most obvious and natural thing in the world. That’s how I feel when I’m with him.”

Too loud and too fast

Lovers spend almost an afternoon together: “We had to order at least 4 cups of coffee so we could keep our table. And then it was evening and we looked for a restaurant together. There was no reason or opportunity to break up yet. I was moved by everything he said. me and seemed to drink in my words too. Really, it was like love at first sight. I was never happy to spend the afternoon. In the restaurant, we continued to talk about our lives, and to make jokes. And then in the evening, I decided to go to his house. We spent the night Together when we had to leave each other in the morning to go back to work, I told myself I couldn’t find him right after my day. It was the same for him. In the first week of our story, we reorganized our whole lives to practically live together. He slept two nights in My house and I stayed the nights in his house and after a month we took an apartment from him for us.”

Noor and Ben managed not to send as many messages a day as they had when they started: “We’re not going to lie to each other, for the first few months my productivity took a huge hit. But over time, we were able to calm down. We should text each other. A hundred messages during the day at most. And mainly during our rest times. We’re still very close. I don’t know if it will last over time, but I like the fact that I’ve never felt alone again. I didn’t feel like anything was missing in my life before Ben but now I don’t want to live without him. “

A life in “colors and songs”

Noor is pleased with their plans: “With the pandemic, we haven’t been able to travel as much as we’d like. So we have to catch up. And then I want us to get married too. It’s never been a priority for me but I know it’s going to be a perfect day with it. I want to get everyone together. The ones we love are in the same place let’s get to know our love together. It’s stupid but when I think about it, it’s the idea of ​​it that makes me smile. I’ve become hyper with him and I love it. I feel like I’m living everything stronger, being completely myself, and taking instead in the end. He’s the one who makes me feel alive. I know I do the same to him. I didn’t think love could do that and I’m so glad I pressed my order while waiting for my lunch break to end. My life before, it seemed so gray to me There I live with color and songs, and a very good accompaniment, which I only knew was the best thing that ever happened to me in my adult life.”

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