Saeed’s status: tension escalates

Said takes the blows, dodges, and creates a kind of aberration … glowing, continuing to yell at the machinations of his alleged victim to avoid paying for the work.

Jiaoli and Saeed had a complicated romantic and business relationship that is the subject of a lawsuit against the 13And Criminal Chamber of the Luxembourg Provincial Court. It has entered its third week of discussions and will be extended again. The defendant brings new items to the investigation that the court must verify as quickly as possible. Like this €17,000 loan that Saeed says he loaned to Madame Li, a friend and collaborator of the alleged victim, in December 2018 to help her take care of her brother imprisoned in China.

At the bar yesterday afternoon, Ms. Lee explained that Jiaoli had asked her to lend her bank account number so that Saeed could pay her cash, which she had to collect and distribute in envelopes that Jiaoli had given to the accused. Her brother was already in prison, but until February 2018. The day before, she told the investigator that she had to send money to Italy for Saeed’s sake. New version that M.And Hellinckx, the defendant’s attorney, who confirms the opposing party’s animated versions.

Saeed continues to produce new items to prove his goodwill. “You play a little game with us, but we are not sure who will win in the end. “We don’t like it when we play with us after 3 years of investigation,” warns the head of the Assize Chamber. “I don’t play. Madame Lee is lying,” Said drifts away. Already on Wednesday, he claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy set up by the alleged victim.

Said, who had no material pieces to prove his statements, is at the end of the arguments. The few documents in the file look questionable. The judge loses her patience and raises her voice. The rents and deposits of some of the apartments owned by Jiaoli were paid to the defendant’s company. The judge asks, “Why?” “Jiaoli and the secretary want to make trouble for me,” the accused repeats. What is the secretary’s interest? Don’t leave the boss. “You should have realized that and stepped in as a business leader. You were neither the owner nor the lessor.”

“Let’s talk about your credibility.”

Like the day before, we go around in circles. Said did not transfer the money received to Jiaoli because she owes him the money, and a defendant who claims that the money he accused of defrauding Jiaoli admits is in fact compensation for work performed outside the scope of an estimate or contract. The chief asked him about the rents that two tenants receive in cash from one side to the other. “That is not true. The defendant replied, I only took money to pay for the fuel oil, which was always paid for in cash. The building is heated by gas and the gas does not come by trucks.” “I know what I’m saying, the gas is brought by truck. Said defends that, “Some municipalities do not have access to homes.” The gas supplier has not been paid.

The chief tries to corner him. It produces a €100,000 bill for pizza ovens prepared, says Said, for the Chinese restaurant of one of the Jiauli sisters, which is likely wrong, according to her. “The company that issued the invoice is not known to the battalion in Morocco,” the prosecutor specifies. “I wonder if you don’t consider us stupid?” asks the president. “I really wonder how your community works. There are no bills or estimates…it was just money in.”

Giaoli explained yesterday that Saeed had “repaired” the “cheap materials” in a studio and an apartment in one of the buildings for €20,000 paid in cash. But there, too, there will be no invoice, contract, or estimate. Happy, unsurprisingly, contests. This is followed by verification of work in the different buildings with pictures between the two parties. On one of them is a gas delivery truck! The defendant insists that additional work was done. “You had to make an additional contract,” he blames the president.

Said toils, takes blows, loses its luster, but clings, creating a leak. The public prosecutor asserts that: “We do not know what Saeed was doing in a company that was run by another businessman until his resignation in June 2018. The latter had a work permit. After that, the business was illegal.” The defendant tried to justify himself by saying that it was owned by other companies active on the site. “You are playing on the credibility of the witnesses. Let’s talk a little bit about you,” the chief balances. Happy comment. Everything was organized by Jiaoli in order not to pay 500,000 euros for the work. It remains to be understood what corresponds to the total of one million euros that Giauli transferred to the defendant.

This morning, he will have to respond to accusations of violence against Jiaoli.

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