Reality TV celebrity couple broke up again

A famous reality TV couple decided to give their love story a second chance. But according to the latest revelations from the blogger varruecos, It will already be over between them. We tell you everything!

A couple from reality TV in crisis because of a new betrayal?

Bloggers don’t give much away from the couple formed by Adixia and Simon Castaldi. In fact, while the two lovebirds seem to find each other well, Benjamin Castaldi’s son will find it a little difficult to stay faithful.

After the rumors spread on the filming site, novice adventurers, Now the young man had cheated in Adixia with … Virginie. , the ex-Niccol is currently in the groupTarget rest of the worldThe two candidates would be a real crush on each other. blogger Tweet embed Reports: Simon cheated on Adixia with Virginie. Obviously a crazy love, they would have found each other and shared the same humour. »

A real blow to Adixia who might consider leaving the adventure as soon as it arises. Adixia joined filming (very recently). She cried all the tears when she found out Simon had cheated on her with Virginie. Apparently no one would have done anything to stop this relationship even if Laura Lempicka didn’t agree. Simon said he was unhappy in the relationship And it was for the better.”

A popular reality TV couple could have broken up.

A famous reality TV couple getting back together?

Rumors are also circulating about Roman and Anthony Matteo. They were announced as a couple, then they broke up, then on a break and finally again as a couple…in short. Their love position is too complex to follow.

However, when everyone thought they were single, Roman posted a picture of her man at an event on her social networks. In the legend, the reality TV filter wrote: “My life, the strongest.” In other words, the two love birds are already together.

Moreover, Roman promised his subscribers to answer all their questions, especially regarding him “a fusion relationship with antho” In a YouTube video. “I will return the facts” announced.

Reality TV celebrity couple gives a second chance

Today, there is another popular reality TV couple that is intriguing netizens. Between the breakup and the reconciliation, fans no longer really know where their favorite influencers are. On his Instagram account, blogger Tweet embed Bringing news about this pair that asks questions: Cloé Cooper and Sébastien Pinelli.

As a couple for several months, the two love birds unfortunately announced their separation at the beginning of 2022. On his social networks, Sebastian swung with bitterness: “Let it happen once and for all. Chloe left me because she was no longer in love. My heart is torn because everyone knows how much I put her above everything… It was my life! My future wife, the mother of my children! I had prepared a surprise trip for him for Valentine’s Day, I spoke With my friends about marriage! She said to me again 3 days ago: You are the man of my life … But it was clearly a mistake … There is no point in blaming her, emotions cannot be controlled. Although she did not fully respect me in the story I never thought she would do this to me… I am heartbroken.”

Broke that Cloé (who seemed to have already turned the page with another one) had him put into custody. “I made this decision because unfortunately when we met, we met, after 3 months we had a health crisis, with confinement. Unfortunately, we managed it very well at first and then a little less in the end. We started getting into a routine that was a bit complicated. And a bit stifling.”

Did a famous reality TV couple reconcile and then break up again?

While the contestants have been accused of orchestrating their breakup, they were reportedly back together recently. In fact, the two of them could be seen near the restaurant table. Moreover, the account Tweet embed – Well-informed – confirmed in the story: “Yes, they were back together. They would have made things right.” And in the process, Cloé posted TikTok with her ex who meant everything.

At least, that’s what we thought. Because, according to the blogger, this truce was not going to last long. While the user was wondering if Cloé (whose new cut was unanimous) and Sebastian were actually a couple, the Instagram account announced the bad news: They would have broken again. In his Instagram story, vaarruecos says: “They’ve been trying to give romance a second chance lately. But recently, They broke up again and are currently not in a relationship“. Sad news.

Chloe Cooper: For the first and last time, she talks about her traumatic breakup with Sebastian!

Chloe Cooper: The young woman decided to break the silence after her unexpected split from Sebastian Benelli. We tell you everything in this article!

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