O’clock School: A School to Become a Web Developer in 6 Months and in a Remote Presence 📍

Do you have a professional retraining project and want to know how to become a web developer? With over 3,500 students trained since its inception in 2016, O’clock School offers complete and rigorous training in web development at the same time.

Finding the right training to reorient yourself and become a web developer is not easy. It is not easy to choose between several schools, learning alone at home or the various online options, where the educational format is often asynchronous.

On the other hand, how about effectively training yourself as a web developer, and that within 6 months? This is what O’clock School offers, made up of experienced and passionate coaches and teachers. For 5 years now, the school has offered various types of courses to train you in the most elegant professions of the decade, with nearly 70% of learners leaving the course by getting a job in the digital sector or by accessing higher education.

Train yourself as a web developer in 6 months along with (real) experts

O’clock is a school that stands out from the crowd with a genuine desire to bring people back to the center of knowledge transfer. If self-training in the web development profession is often required, support is at the heart of their system here, from admission to seeking funding – 75% of learners receive partial or global funding for their training – to the entire pedagogical part, both during and after lessons .

We are truly committed to enabling people far from technology and employment to find a passion and a career with us. The school told us. While most of their training is aimed at beginners, the school offers a virtual classroom suitable for people with cognitive and hearing disabilities, which is rare enough to notice.

O’clock School has developed and published the TV Show format, which allows learners to access instructor-led lessons with live video, in-class, and accessible from anywhere with a computer and Internet connection. The results are in: on average, the school has a success rate of 92% in the various RNCP titles that allow for success and acquisition.

Training is complete and intensive and requires full investment. To make this happen, you can count on the entire O’clock team that is always there to help you. It’s simple: A quick detour to O’clock’s TrustPilot page shows the impact and popularity of the school on its students. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 for just over 500 reviews at the time of writing, it’s hard not to welcome the efforts of their teams in just 5 years.

Remote training that really works

Les formations que proposent o’clock se distinguent des autres écoles par leur format: le téléprésentiel, qui permet à l’étudiant d’accéder à une interface d’apprentissage complète et bien pensée, où et ilous voit entendes formats the lesson.

Students have access to a presentation in the form of a slideshow and an icon window to follow the explanations carefully. They also have a discussion thread that allows them to exchange directly with other students and instructors. At any time, coaches can access the students’ work screen to help them or unblock them: which is essential when learning a new trade.

Telephone courses create a relationship of trust between the student and their instructors. With our format, they can exchange constantly, orally or in writing, in private or in public conversation, without fear of disrupting the smooth running of the course. school says.

In the evening, after class, students are invited to continue training to memorize the concepts acquired during the day. ” These exercises also ask for knowledge of the previous days, in order to record new concepts in the logic of progress. Says the clock.

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Pedagogical papers summarizing the important points covered during the day are available to students, as is the replay mode, where all lessons can be reviewed later.

Remote work is developing in companies, especially in digital professions. The advantage of this TV view is that people with reduced mobility – or who live in remote cities – can train with complete peace of mind per hour, from wherever they want, as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.

How is the day of the hour?

After theory, we move on to practice. If O’clock School intrigues you, you’ll probably be wondering what your days will be like. So this is a small idea.

At 9 am, students and team of instructors log in to start the course. Remembering the concepts of the previous day, we turn to today’s topic, with theory, but above all, a lot of practice.

Throughout the day, students are brought into dialogue, share the task, and help each other. In constant contact with the community, they can get help from their coaches or from the group – after all, the ability to collaborate is an essential skill in the development profession.

At 12 noon, students and instructors take a one-hour break, before continuing at 1 p.m. with more advanced exercises to deepen the points covered during the morning. ” An opportunity for coaches to talk to each student and assess their progress Says the clock.

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Lesson ends at 3:00 pm. For two hours, students will be able to challenge themselves and put the acquired theory into practice, knowing that the teaching team is never far away. Create a game, develop a chat, animate a photo album… There is no shortage of ideas. The student immerses himself in a light and comfortable atmosphere, conducive to self-realization and self-transcendence. In the evening, they are free to work alone or in cooperation with the group.

Want to give you a more realistic idea of ​​the day’s cycle in the clock? Here is Johan’s photo testimony.

Time: baccalaureate training +2 for all

O’clock offers you different courses and all of them can be viewed here in detail. The duration of the internship varies from 3 to 16 months, depending on the languages ​​covered (WordPress, FullStack JS, DATA, API, Sympfony, etc.), or depending on your professional project with work and study training. Once the training is in your pocket, you leave with a level 5 professional title, which is equivalent to baccalaureate +2.

For 798 hours of lessons (6 months of training) O’clock provides you with a dedicated team to find the right funding for you. Visit the school’s official website to find out now about prices, courses and all the answers to your questions. A YouTube channel is also available, with regular live broadcasts.

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