In Lyon, parents of 200 French children in Syria denounce the government that wants to “make them invisible”

“Get us out of here,” is the message Mark and his companion received from their grandchildren who are being held in camps in Syria. For more than 3 years, nearly 200 French children and their mothers have been living in Roj and Al-Hol camps in the Kurdish north-east of Syria. “Their only crime is to be born of parents who abandoned jihad.”Hubert Julien Lavery, deputy ecologist for the Rhone region announced.

The United Families group, which includes more than 100 families whose children have been detained in the camps, is launching an appeal to return home with the support of 175 elected French officials and with the support of a signed platform of 75 personalities.

“make it invisible” children

It is a chilling testimony given by Mark, a poor grandfather and member of the United Families group, to raise awareness. “Our four grandchildren have been held in a camp in Syria for 1,501 days, and we have not been able to bring them back to their homeland,” Offers.

All the French families have gathered in Rouge camp since the capture of Baghouz. Mark’s four grandchildren arrived at the camp in 2018, the eldest being 8, the second under 4, the third under two, and finally the last, born on the site in precarious conditions. “They were fortunate, so to speak, that they did not spend months in a dungeon before being taken to the camps when their fathers went to Baghouz. They were not subjected to heavy bombardment, their younger brothers dying before their eyes and sisters not as bodily as the others who bore the wounds of Baghouz in their flesh.”

“We wrote to the President of the Republic, and the answer was clear: France will not interfere because it has nothing to do with the country,” he added. Other than that, according to him, France was present in Syria and had relations with the Kurdish and Kamichi authorities. “They live in tents, they don’t have a school, they don’t receive good care, they obviously don’t get psychological support, and they live in insecurity every day with the rapid return of ISIS”he explains. “The only thing that develops is that the children grow up. We see our grandchildren grow up and live in these camps,” continued.

“Nothing has changed at all in the position of the French government. This indicates a complete disregard for the lives of these children and for France’s international obligations. We are in front of a wall of state.”Mark disapproves. “The love of these children and our grandchildren holds us. Our fight will not stop until they come back. They want to make them invisible but we will continue. Especially since we are supported now. Only children are victims and innocents.”adds a companion Mark and his grandmother, overwhelmed with emotion.

The ‘political battle’ to me “humanity” : “Who do we advise?”

A system of care for French children was set up in the camps. “Thanks to care, we want to show them that another France is thinking of them and waiting for them. We live in a country where we must remember what humanity is, and what children are”Sophia Aram, actress and columnist, speaks in tears. “We shouldn’t shut our mouths, there should be too many of us. Let’s bring them home, we can’t be afraid of our children, they live in inhuman conditions. I want to shout at them, I don’t even know to whom, because no one makes a decision This is not a political battle but a humanitarian one. We should all be collectively ashamed of this situation.”Sophia Aram says.

To whom do we advise? to the President of the Republic. Writing to the Quai d’Orsay, I was told that the decision would be made at the Elysee. Since then, every week I write about a woman, a child, and I wait while they are dying.”Don’t hesitate to point the finger at Marie Doss, a lawyer at the Paris Bar.

“France is one of the few countries that has not embarked on the repatriation process that deprives children of their right to life, even in defiance of security. Anti-terror specialists assert: These children are left for years in camps while ISIS returns in strength. Let them grow up hating France”condemns Hubert Julien Laverre. “France and Spain remain inflexible while Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium begin and continue to do repatriations. Our grandchildren don’t understand why and not their friends from other countries are coming back. They wonder what they are doing there, why they are paying more for others.”Mark adds before selecting: “The children in the camps all arrived at a very young age, they were even born there, and their memory of Syria is not ISIS.”

According to them, no repatriation should take place without mothers so as not to destabilize the children, who are for them the only emotional source they have known in recent years. They informed, during the press conference, that all the mothers of the children appear in court and want to face justice to return to France and protect their children.

Homecoming Plan Failed 2018: ‘France is creating a nightmare for families’

“There was a plan to go home in 2018. The plan was valid and I have it in my office and it provides everything even the number of the plane on which they are going back. After the information was leaked, it was postponed for security reasons. During this delay, an opinion poll was conducted and two-thirds of the French were not in favor of returning.” And during this new postponement, the yellow vests and then the health crisis meant the president couldn’t risk a lack of popularity for re-election. Here’s how it went.”confirms to the lawyer.

According to her, France tried to use the “case by case” card to repatriate orphans. “You saved yourself, no luck, your mother’s alive so you’re dying. That was the idea.” Moving picture. “We are giving ISIS martyrs on a platter. We are afraid we would rather give arms to this ideology. We will do the worst.”add before you conclude “France is creating a nightmare for families.”

Since January 2021, France has not organized any repatriation.


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