Michelle Mercier was the stepmother of six children who have now disappeared from her life

In “Angélique marquise des anges,” Michel Mercier turned heads. Paradoxically, despite her beauty, the actress’s love life was not always easy. Focus on his private life.

Actress and musician Michel Mercier was born on January 1, 1939. If the beautiful blonde did not have children, she could still have a taste of motherhood by raising the young children of her former companions. Note that the actress said “yes” more than once.

How the actress refused to become emperor in favor of an actor, she wasn’t even Mary

With her beautiful blonde hair and dazzling beauty, Michel Mercier has turned hearts with her charm. Thanks to this origin, the actress almost became an empress.

Michel Mercier attends the presentation and opening ceremony of “Les Fantômes d’Ismael (Ismael’s ghosts)”. | Photo: Getty Images

And indeed, towards the end of the fifties of the last century, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fell in love with the actress after he saw her photo in one of the newspapers. At that time, the Shah of Iran had just broken up with his former partner and went to Rome to stay.

A party was held to celebrate his arrival and Michel Mercier was invited. Upon arriving at the venue, the actress was surprised to see the crowd “opening up in front of her” as Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was waiting for her at the end of the red carpet where she walked.

French actress Michel Mercier. | Photo: Getty Images

Then the two discussed and the Shah of Iran insisted on seeing Michel Mercier again. One of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s cousins ​​went to the actress’s father’s pharmacy to find out “what kind of woman” she is.

Wanting to win the heart of the actress, the Shah of Iran especially invited her to a caviar dinner with his family.

We danced a waltz, and then the young men came to place in front of me boxes of all sizes containing fine jewels,

She said.

French actress Michel Mercier. | Photo: Getty Images

At the same time, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi also presented Michelle with precious gifts, explaining to her that he could give her everything if she married him. Unfortunately for the Shah of Iran, Michel Mercier preferred not to say “yes” to his request. For any reason ? Well, she was still madly in love with Gianni Esposito, whom she never married.

Gianni Esposito in a scene from the drama “L’Aigle à deux têtes” from Jean Cocteau and directed by Philippe Ducrest. | Photo: Getty Images

How did the first husband of Michel Mercier, who suffered from Deliria, demand a pension for divorce?

For info, Gianni Esposito is Michel Mercier’s first great love. After parting with the actor, the beautiful blonde was in a relationship with Andrei Smag, who later became her husband.

L’actrice a fait la rencontre de celui-ci lors du tournage de “Les nuits de Lucrèce Borgia” et s’était mariée avec le réalisateur en 1959. Si leur première année de mariage se déroulaité à à être naîtremesé à commerveblè after two years.

A portrait of Michel Mercier in front of Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle Sant’Angelo) in Rome, Italy, November 27, 1964 | Photo: Getty Images

André Smagghe started drinking, suffered from delusions and was hospitalized. Michel Mercier could no longer stand the difficulties of her husband, and then she filed for a divorce, which was not at all easy. For good reason, the law prohibits the divorce of a person in a hospital.

Despite this, Michel Mercier still ended up divorcing her first husband, but it cost her a fortune. In fact, the actress had to pay a pension to Andrei Smaghi, at the request of the latter.

Michel Mercier on the set of the movie “Sole Noir” in Ouargla on June 23, 1966, Algeria. | Photo: Getty Images

The second marriage to Claude Bouriot cost millions of millions and 11 years of joint life with him

As soon as she separated from André Smagghe, Michel Mercier found love again in the arms of Claude Bouriot. Note that the two lovebirds got married 5 years after the actress divorced her first husband. The couple later moved to Hollywood where the beautiful blonde tried her luck.

However, just like the first union of the actress, this second marriage also did not last long. After the failure of an American career, Michel Mercier wanted to return to France, but her husband, who had spent the actress’s money, did not agree.

French actress Michel Mercier and Claude Bouriot, industrialist and president of the Federation of Motorsports, intertwine in Magny-Cours, Nevers (France), on April 13, 1968, after their marriage. | Photo: Getty Images

In the end, the couple divorced. Her relationship with the racing driver, which lasted 11 years, cost the actress millions.

After finding her happiness with a new man, she gives up her career to raise her children

Despite all these love failures, Michel Mercier still gives love another chance after meeting Adrien Janca. With this widower, the actress discovered motherhood by raising his two sons. The beautiful blonde even took a break from her career to play her role as a mother.

French actress Michel Mercier. | Photo: Getty Images

But when it seemed she had finally met her great love, the sad news of Adrien’s health changed everything. The latter, in fact, had a brain tumor and ended up succumbing to his illness.

Michelle Mercier remained by her deceased companion’s side until her last breath. However, since they are not married, the actress did not inherit the property of the late man.

French actress Michel Mercier reads a screenplay at her home in Saint-Tropez. | Photo: Getty Images

After this tragedy, Michel Mercier met Prince Nicolas Boncombani-Ludovici and lived with him for two years in a Roman palace without ever marrying. However, over time, the actress realized that her companion did not like her, but her role in “Angélika”. Then she broke up with Nicolas and returned to France.

A Child, Alone and Wasted: Her Present Life

In 1996, Michelle Mercier fell in love with Rene Lebork and founded a publishing house with him, not realizing that he was actually a fraud. The latter forged documents and managed to embezzle 400,000 euros from the beautiful blonde. This relationship left the actress shattered, she revealed in 1999.

Michel Mercier at Classic Aid II in 1988. | Photo: Getty Images

In France Soir, she also mentioned that she was exploited more than once, which is the origin of her “curse with money”. During this same interview, Michel Mercier also agreed to confide in the subject of her celibacy and childless life. On this occasion, she revealed that she savored motherhood with children from her ex-husband.

“I raised six boys from different husbands. I had moments of intense happiness but they disappeared from my life. They reproduced their parents’ bullshit!”,

she says.

French actress Michel Mercier arrives at the 57th Red Cross Gala on August 5, 2005 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. | Photo: Getty Images

Regarding her career, the actress claimed that she had a “little” connection with the world of show business.

“I seem to be dead. I watch time pass in horror, and I don’t know how it will end.”

She said.

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