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Senegalese rapper Dib Dondo Jess.

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This week at the Afro-Club, artists on top of urban trends are Dip Doundou Guiss, Carty, Adekunle Gold & Ty Dolla $ign, Juno Kizigenza, Cheezy, Gaz Mawete & Chily and finally OMG Oumy Gueye.

In Senegal, rapper OMG (Oumy Gueye) renews himself with a project written entirely in French, the first excerpt of which is Hasta Lugo
Oumy Gueye, a Senegalese rapper known by her initials OMG, is launching a new challenge to match her talent. The artist decided to write an entire album in French for the first time in his career. First snippet Hasta Lugo He defends himself well despite the mixed reception by the public of the artist, who is accustomed to his productions of hip-hop much more and sings in the Wolof. OMG, who became a mother for the first time last year, wants to express her side of femininity and reveal another side of her personality. Hasta Lugo “Goodbye” is a song that talks about separation and describes the feeling of a woman who has only one desire to get rid of a relationship that has become toxic to her mental balance. We appreciate coordinating this tune with Latin accents. Guaranteed summer atmosphere.

Jaz Mawete and his native Chilean deal with urban trends at a rate 500
Gas Mawite presented his first album since March 4th mystery. The Congolese singer, who will attend his concert on June 5 at the Maroquinerie de Paris, has chosen to promote his program with a new clip. this is the address 500 Shared with rapper Chile. Published on May 15, the title quickly hit the top 30 music trends on YouTube France. I must say that mystery It is a commercial success for Gaz Mawete whose strategy and selection of music tracks have proven to be effective. 500 It is also the most listened to live title, all platforms combined. Thus, the artist who signed the Bomayé Musik label charted the way to his first concert in a European hall.

In Burkina Faso, Cheezy returns to the ring and delivers the Super a tour
You should definitely add Ouédraogo Mohamed Cherif, aka Cheezy, to your playlist for the upcoming vacation. The Burkinabe artist, born on September 6, 1994 in the city of Babri, broke into the music scene in 2014 with his song. faces of loveHe was only 15 years old. In 2015, he decided to take his career choice seriously and unveiled his first single from 5 titles, including the clip. Diva It will be extracted. In the process, he will collaborate with national star Deco Fels, and then with financial artist Iba Wan on the title. Willy Kanna. This duo allowed him to run at the Kundés d’Or in 2019 in the Best African Integration Collaboration category. Still in that continuity, in 2020, he was among the 12 Cultural Personality of the Year (PCA) with the same title. Today, Cheezy presents himself as the king of the Afropets of Burkina Faso. The artist often plays in front of an out-of-stock crowd at the Canal Olympia Idrissa Ouedraogo de Bessi.

In Rwanda, the burgeoning artist is Juno Kizigenza by his nickname faithful
Juno Kizigenza is the Rwandan artist who has achieved the height of present-day Afro-fusion. He is considered one of the biggest stars of the future in the land of a thousand hills. Juno Kizigenza was born in 2001 into a family of seven children. In high school he started honing his musical skills by writing songs for his peers. Thus he will be noticed by Bruce Melody who will sign him to his brand and give him real opportunities to grow in the studio. You’ll find it hard to believe that his solo career only started in 2020, because his range is so broad. We owe him titles NazubayeAnd Away In a duet with Ariel Wise, pleaseAnd Kizigenza as well as his EP 6 kg Released in 2021. Juno Kizigenza intends to take his music to the next level, and we can count on him to achieve his goals.

Adekunle Gold invited Nigerian-American Ty Dolla $ign to join him one woman
On February 14, Adekunle Gold unveiled his new album Catch me if you can, critically acclaimed. Afropop’s international feel is not lacking in popularity within her community. That is why he has set himself the challenge of conquering new markets. First in France by presenting a remix of the song Taek Duduthen in the United States with one woman His sunny and stunning clip was just revealed, in a duet with American Ty Dolla $ign. The two artists collaborated together for an amazing collaboration. The striking visual, directed by Ghanaian Mike Amova, was filmed in Los Angeles. Adekunle Gold is determined to highlight his African royalty and unparalleled style, but also his artistic evolution in the past two years. We would love to hear your opinion in the comments.

In Gabon, Cheb Karti at the start with his first single Mawa
Karti is the discovery of the week. The young rapper, who has not yet made his first attempt, is a former member of Le22Prodige Records. Carte is the future star of urban music in Gabon. It’s in the project Refrigerant Together with BoyKLS, Karti began to make a name for herself. There was a big commotion. His unique voice and manner of handling the street lexicon, called “toli” in Gabon, were characteristic of spirits. His main influence is the Afro-urban style, to which he adds a Latin touch that lends a certain originality to his songs. Today he unveils his first solo title, Mawa Which is gradually spreading on the TikTok platform. We at Afro-Club love it. Special recommendation.

Back to basics for Senegalese rapper Dib Dondo Jess who traces his limits Succession with brio
He is Senegal’s most listened to urban artist on Spotify. Dip Doundou Guiss often flirts with the top of the local ranking, just like his counterparts Wally Ballago Seck or Youssou Ndour. Dakar residents just uploaded it Succession. This is a rap style song old school (old or old). Seniors will definitely appreciate it. The younger one will take the seed. Still in text written in the Wolof language, Dip Doundou Guiss gives a lesson in vocal flow and dazzling rhymes. On March 5, he set fire to the opening ceremony of the BAL (Basketball Africa League) at the legendary Dakar Arena. Although he wasn’t obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a number one rapper when he started music, Dip Daoudou Guiss has managed to rise to the top of his art, at just 30 years old, through his talent and work. “The most important thing is to raise Senegalese rap to a level where Senegalese hip-hop is talked about all over the world. My ambition is to do like Burna Boy or the young Jamaican artist Koffee, who won a Grammy at the age of 20,” he told the website.

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