a16z launches a $600 million fund to invest in the gaming industry and the metaverse

Building the future of gaming with Games Fund One

Venture capital firm a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) announced the creation of From a fund of 600 million dollarsThe first toy box.

The purpose of this new fund is investment In the video game industry, including those found in Web3. It should be noted that the gaming industry made several billion dollars in 2021. In this sense, the press release from the fund identifies the following:

โ€œGames will continue to play a central role in how people mix play, work and work in the future, and the fund will invest in game studios, gaming experiences, their community, and infrastructure. In the long term, we believe that gaming infrastructure and technologies will be key components of the metaverse, a dwindling opportunity for the gaming industry. The current $300 billion games.โ€

Hence, the team intends to diversify its investments in Different levels of industry. Be that as it may, the latter requires special attention, in particular With the emergence of emerging technologies.

Indeed, the Web3 hack along with various metaverse projects and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have changed the vision of the future of video games.

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Decades of experience in the video game industry

The company has experience Ten years in this sector It has backed companies like Zynga and Oculus.

Added to this are investments in Riot Games, CCP, Epic Games, and in games from Web3. The press release also states:

โ€œWith GAMES FUND ONE, we will continue to add functionality and develop deeper networks suitable for the gaming ecosystem to assist our portfolio companies with everything from building digital communities to managing their virtual economies, through best practices in licensing intellectual property and building their development teams.โ€

we see it, The theme of the game becomes important For the famous Andreessen Horowitz Fund. With the emergence of various technologies, there is no doubt that this sector requires Special interest and therefore a specific fund.

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Source: a16z . website

picture : the account Twitter a16z

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