7 good reasons to take your shoes off when you get home

Some Always keep their shoes on and take them off at the foot of their bed just before going to bedOthers are accustomed Take them out as soon as they cross the doorstep to put it on Slippers While others alternate these two methods and prefer Keep their shoes in the summer But Remove it as soon as it is raining or during the winter.

With the coronavirus pandemic, this question has become even more important, even for those who think soWe shouldn’t take our shoes off at home Because, according to them, an obstacle to their comfort and freedom. Even if these arguments can be fully agreed upon, everyone tends to be less sensitive to them in this period of barrier gestures and extreme hygiene.

Very interesting article from The New York Times Many scholars wondered to see if Keeping your shoes at home is bad for health or if better Take them off when entering the house.

Not taking your shoes off at home can transmit bacteria

According to a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, Our indoor shoes can be contaminated by bringing bacteria Like me’Escherichia coli Which can lead to urinary tract infections and food poisoning.

What was said, The risk of getting sick from contamination with bacteria on a pair of shoes is very low And it must be mitigated, because there is a much greater risk of contamination in the presence of pets in the house or in case of non-compliance with the cold chain.

if we find dirty shoesWe should also pay attention to other items that can carry bacteria like a handbag or a sponge, which don’t necessarily stress us out more than that on a daily basis.

Why is it more practical to take off your shoes in daily life

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, many people have been very stressed by the threat of contamination and to disinfect everything they can every day, pass a disinfectant wipe on all products bought in the supermarket or frenzied cleaning So as not to risk contamination.

In this context and to reduce any risk of contamination, it may be a good idea to do so Take off your shoes at homeEspecially when you are in a crowded public place.

here 7 Good reasons to build this habit all year long and take off your shoes when you get home :

1. Take off your shoes to avoid soil deposition or dust anywhere in the house, you are allowed to Keep the floor cleaner for longer And perform household chores more often.

2. It is a must when you have a little baby crawling on the floorChildren who like to play on the floor, people with allergies in the house, carpets that trap dirt or people with weak immune systems.

3. You get used to taking your shoes off when you get home It is a symbolic way to distinguish the boundaries between the outside and the inside and it is a way of seeing your home as a cozy cocoon.

4. We spend most of our days Feet normally lock into shoes that are too tight. Take off your shoes when you get home Walking barefoot at home is an unparalleled comfort that allows proprioception, perception of the foot in relation to the ground, and promotes further relaxation.

5. They are useful for simply enjoying wearing a pair of warm, soft and comfortable slippers.

6. It is already a custom in many culturesin many Asian and Middle Eastern countries, and it may be useful to learn from that as well.

7. It is a way to respect places, to consider your home a refuge, a sacred place, a precious place Which invites calm and relaxation and allows us to recharge our batteries.

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