Where are the web host data centers?

Among the best known web hosts on the internet is IONOS by 1 & 1. The host has more than 8 million customers, that is to say. However, we want to study a very specific parameter of this host in the context of this article: its data centers. We’ll see where these are, and see why this is important.

The importance of a data center location for your web host

Many parameters play a role when choosing a web host: offers offered, free hosting, optimization for some content management systems, pricing, performance… But have you thought about checking out the location of the host data centers you want to go to? This element is very important and we will explain why.

Know that the greater the distance between your server and the site of the majority of your visitors, the worse your site will perform. In fact, the greater the distance to be covered, the higher the processing times. Therefore, a server that is far from you and your visitors will result in poor performance and higher load time per page.

Conversely, if you are careful to choose a data center that is close to the audience you are targeting with your site, you will be able to benefit from the best performance of your hosting. Your website will be faster and the connection will be more stable.

The user experience and SEO on search engines will only be better, which is an excellent point. Now that you know the challenges of locating your host’s data centers, let’s take a look at the case of IONOS.

IONOS servers by 1 & 1: Where are they located?

Data Centers © IONOS by 1 & 1

If it’s clear that IONOS by 1 & 1 isn’t the best web host right now (find our full opinion on IONOS by 1 & 1 here). What can it offer you in terms of its data centers?

We won’t make the thrill last longer: IONOS has servers in Europe, but also in North America. The host’s European data centers are located in France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

North American servers are located in the United States. So it appears that IONOS by 1&1 offers satisfactory geographic coverage, regardless of your physical location, as well as the location of your website visitors.

For more details, know that IONOS by 1 & 1 has servers in these 5 countries, with a total of 10 data centers. Now let’s see without further ado how to choose the location you want for your server.

Choosing an IONOS Data Center Where to Place Your Web Host

If you sign up for a hosting plan with IONOS by 1&1, your server will be automatically located in Europe. However, you can choose another data center location. This is made possible during the process of setting up your web hosting.

If you wish, you can choose a server in the US, or be more specific about which European country you will rely on. Once you validate your selection, a server that matches your criteria will be assigned.


We are nearing the end of our article on IONOS by 1&1 Datacenters. You now know that this host gives you access to servers in France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. IONOS allows you to choose your server location when setting up your hosting.

To make this choice, you must take into account the location of your target audience (if you are targeting a French audience, hosting your site in a data center in France is ideal).

All of this said, given the poor quality of IONOS hosting service, performance offered, as well as unresponsive customer support, we can only advise you to turn to more quality web hosts.

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