This Paris exhibition that allows children to tame ‘fragility’

crisp! Title, obscure, and poster, large (ceramic cups balanced on an elephant’s trunk), challenge. I didn’t think the exhibition was targeting children from the age of two And Relates to Margot, Gabriel’s mother,
5 and a half years, and Gustav 3 years. A few feet away, little Gabrielle herself headed to move things on a tray along a path full of chutes. It’s a wonderfully wonderful job, Annick’s comments, his grandmother. It’s suitable for kids ages 2-6 but works just as well as 70!

‘Fragility is everywhere’

exhibition crisp! In the City of Science and Industry in Paris (1) Curious little ones are invited to explore the concept of fragility by entering, as in the story of Windy (balloon), Iggy (egg), Folia (paper), Glitch (soap), Plote (ball of yarn) and Rocky (pebble). ). Against all odds, it is Rocky, who seems to be the strongest and also the most fearless, who breaks. The six characters decide to go to the country of Maraboutdeficelle in order to fix it. But to achieve this, many trials await them. They force them to muster their adaptability and improvisation, but also to collaborate.

Fragility is everywhere. It is part of things, of the world and of ourselves, Remember Florian Perrault, curator of the exhibition. Each character in the story is fragile in its own way. But everyone will have to help each other to succeed collectively. By experiencing fragility in all its dimensions, the exhibition encourages children to tame it so that they are not afraid of it.

In the country of Maraboutdeficelle

During the course, young visitors (with their parents) participate. Olivia and her mother Soledad are busy folding paper to turn it into a boat. Like Fulya who lets her friends cross the river. But the clip Olivia prefers, It’s the egg circle in the mountain » . On that Wednesday, there was almost unanimity. We have to help the egg slide down the mountain. You have to ride it gently, or it will break Noe explains, with an active demonstration in his support. But it fixes itself.” She reassures Nina, her little sister, by reassembling the two pieces of the egg.

like Rocky. In the country of Maraboutdevicelle, there’s everything you need to glue it, sew it, take care of it… Gabrielle is proud to show her beautifully patched Rocky, before having her picture taken with him to leave with a souvenir.

A little later, Clemence, who came with her siblings and grandparents, is resting in the cuddling corner. She is happy with the fall of the story, which tells like the beginning of an animated film: Now the stone has been fixed because all his friends helped him And She concluded, relieved.

(1) Until January 2023.

Weakness opens us to compassion.

Léa Didier, Clinical Psychologist and member of the Scientific Committee of the exhibition: “By conveying to young children that fragility is part of us and does not prevent us from knowing our strengths or living most often peacefully, we avoid associating it with weakness and impotence. When you feel vulnerable, it is a moment of Among other things, this moment has value. Fragility is precious if we know how to listen: it teaches us to take care of ourselves, but also each other. It opens us up to mutual help and repair. These are joyful concepts that are placed next to bonds, friendship and above all empathy. Lots of real keys In our relationship with others and ourselves.

This Paris exhibition that allows children to tame ‘fragility’

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