Robinhood will launch Web 3.0 wallet, which will no longer pay transaction fees

Robinhood introduces its new wallet

North American trading platform, lootingis accelerating its transition to Web 3.0 by officially announcing the arrival of its non-cache wallet:

It will be a digital wallet that allows To take full control of their cryptocurrency, such as MetaMask or Frame for example. But here the user experience will be prominent, so to achieve this easy to use For beginners.

We will find there Key Features Expected from a non-custodial wallet, the ability to interact with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications to exchange or grow their cryptocurrency, as well as the storage and display of non-fungible tokens (NFT), all on different blockchains.

Until then nothing seems transcendent in the face of competition, the value proposition is elsewhere. In fact, it seems that Robinhood Wallet no longer pays transaction fees. The app will then work with third party liquidity providers, but it is not revealing more information about this at this time.

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Possible downside to security

Despite the supposed qualities of Robinhood’s new product, two black spots could cloud that promise, although there’s no 100% confirmation of that at the moment. Will be Incompatibility with hardware wallet Ledger type and Mobile exclusive.

It is important to specify that there is nothing, in the present communication, that explicitly confirms this supposition, but nothing that contradicts it either, leaving the field open for questioning. As a result, a security issue can arise.

And for good reason, in the case of a non-secure wallet that is not protected by a hardware wallet, Money is completely at risk, because its recovery phrase is stored in the user’s machine. This could be a point of attack, as we saw recently with an investor who lost $655,000.

This type of risk is more present on mobile, because when we travel, we are likely to come into contact with all kinds of Unsecured Internet.

Without questioning Robinhood’s work, there is a question that should be watched. However, we must emphasize the company’s ability to make financial investments accessible to all, and it is these initiatives that will accelerate The democratization of our ecosystem to the general public.

If a release date has not yet been reported, it is possible to record your email address in a file Waiting listHoping for early access.

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