Promote a web presence so as not to “overshadow the publisher’s knowledge”

It was a site for fans, as it is, because enthusiasts with little knowledge of web tools became site builders. As a result, he drew the public’s attention to information regarding album releases and universes“Remember Mathieu Moreau. By experimenting with natural reference solutions, Le Domaine de Gorn becomes a space for discussion and sharing: “ We were above all readers and therefore we can provide information of interest to our readers. »

But over time, the idea of ​​putting the acquired skills at the service of publishers arose: in 2005, short promotional flyers for authors from the Delcourt group began. “I worked with designers, and then we made teasers about upcoming comics. Before the first volumes were released, we shared specific and interesting resources with our readers. . Such as detailing the development of a cover or delving into the description of a particular painting.

And the web was organized

This was the time when operators such as, or already had activity, accompanying Domaine de Gorn: “With them, for example, we created a process with Glénat: a famous comic book author made a previous picture book to promote a new release and there was a flyer to present one of the partner sites. Mathieu Moreau will give up Domaine de Journe after a meeting with Daniel Magin. “At the time, he was an editor at Tiburce, selling bags and reprints. After initially collaborating with him on improving the existing site, I suggested to him in 2010 that he redesign his site. »

In this way, the gallery owner has taken it a step further, using a web tool designed to meet the expectations of comic book fans by allowing them to search for and purchase an original page online.

Despite the importance of the show, “In hindsight, I tell myself, we got there too early: topics like online sales, CRM… all of this is still far from strategies within publishing houses. For publishers, the question still remains as to whether a web presence is necessary, linked to questions between cost and return on investment. »

However, the experience gained with Le Domaine de Gorn will eventually pay off. The Leisure School and Rue Sèvres will achieve cooperation through a specific application, benefiting from the community side and recommending. With one nuance: from now on, he intervenes through support and advice. All have been enriched by ten years of teaching at the Université Paris-Est-Marne-La Vallée (master edition paper and digital book). This is the same number of relationships, both with students who have been trained to become publishers in the future, and with structures, within the framework of professional training.

With Maghen, I also benefited from another training: that with authors to produce files – rights negotiation, typography, typography. Tibursi Auger was first before this adventure: the goal was to satisfy the publisher’s needs, the author’s desires, and the reader’s expectations. Speak to him at once.»

Promote business on the web

Today, Netemedia – a company created specifically to support editorial structures – has various partners, such as Onisep, Burda, Maghen or L’école des loisirs. By intervening in the early stages of a project, designing specifications, and in oversight of design and development, Matthew Morrow presents himself as “As a translator for everyone’s requests“.

We give an example that is repeated in his explanations:All you have to do is Google the title of the book and add the term EPUB. See what happens next. »When Fnac and Amazon don’t come first in the results, it’s the hacking sites that take the lead.“Sometimes, and very rarely, the publisher’s location is shown. However, not announcing the existence of a digital book amounts to concealing the publisher’s knowledge of the point.“, Analyse.

Add : “For the publisher, the site is a completely controllable tool: who could be satisfied with seeing Amazon appear in a web request? Because once on the merchant’s page, the Internet user suggests catalogs of colleagues who will be presented, or … toothbrushes. What is worse for the publisher?Whereas the presentation of the publisher’s website is an opportunity to take the reader by the hand: to present all his or her work, to take the reader on a journey through editorial creation.

As for those who oppose the existence of social networks as propaganda tools, the founder of Netemedia smiles: “Double-edged, because you can’t control anything with them. After that, we note that very interesting marketing campaigns are often posted there, without making a connection to the site. This results in poor presentation pages for books, while they would benefit greatly from such enrichment.»

What makes the reader’s experience more enjoyable, and who knows how to encourage them to come back?

Image credits: Matthew Moreau © Marion Barratt

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