Metaverse is not a priority for CEOs

Artificial intelligence is the most impactful technology for CEOs, but the majority of them don’t see the metaverse as a priority. 63% of CEOs and CEOs say Metaverse is not viable or unlikely to be a key technology for their business, according to a survey by marketing and research firm Gartner. For the first time, environmental sustainability was among the top ten priorities in the company’s annual report. Survey of CEOs.

“2022 is the year the outlook for CEOs really changed,” said Mark Raskino, Gartner Vice President. “The pandemic has gradually brought to light a number of deep societal trends, such as the desire to change the way we operate and the fragility of far-reaching global supply chains. More recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has amplified the macroeconomic factors that CEOs now have to deal with, such as inflation. .

“At the same time, however, the CEO’s digital business ambition continues to rise, relentlessly in the face of the pandemic and related crises.”

The survey includes more than 400 CEOs and other senior executives in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific across various industries and company sizes.

“Artificial intelligence is now the most influential new technology among CEOs for the third year in a row,” the study said.

“In the past, some CEOs have embraced new tech ideas with perhaps too much enthusiasm,” Raskino says. “In the case of the Metaverse, however, it is doubtful that respondents who think it most likely to be a key technology for their business are as confident as they appear.”

“The remaining list of impactful technologies reminds us that ‘the new’ is in the eye of the beholder. Neither digitalization nor e-commerce, second and fourth, respectively, are relatively new. However, these are the technologies that many business leaders still consider new and troublesome to their situation.”

CEOs have placed environmental sustainability in their top 10 strategic business priorities, ranking 8th – a big jump from 14th in 2019 and 20th in 2015.

74% of CEOs believe that increased ESG efforts are attracting investors to their companies. Among the 80% of CEOs who intend to invest in new or improved products this year and next, environmental sustainability was cited as the third most important factor.

62% of CEOs see general price inflation as an ongoing or long-term problem. Their main response to inflation is to raise prices (51% of respondents), rather than responding with productivity and efficiency (22% of respondents).

“Business issues, such as talent retention, took priority for the second year in a row, lagging slightly behind technology-related issues such as digitalization and cybersecurity, and ahead of financial issues such as profitability and cash flow,” Gartner says. .

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