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A company specializing in pickling and powder coatings in Alsace, Metalcolor has just launched its website signed by the Mars Rouge agency based in Mulhouse.

Providing a website for your company means, above all, following the technological developments that govern good communication in 2022 and projecting a modern and dynamic image of customers in high demand. This is the choice Metalcolor made by commissioning Mars Rouge to create its website.

Metalcolor, the professional powder coating in Alsace

A company specializing in pickling and powder coatings in Alsace, Metalcolor has just launched its website signed by the Mars Rouge agency based in Mulhouse.

Do you want to repaint a metal object whether it is a gate, table, radiator or bicycle? Metalcolor in Illfurth is the company for you. This powder coating specialist accompanies you on your renovation, conversion and repainting project for all your metal objects, even if they are damaged or rusty.

professional powder coating

Julian Kleiber, 37, has been working with metal with solid experience through the Kleiber family business, and in November 2018 he founded Metalcolor that specializes in powder coatings.

“Garden furniture, gates, car rims, bicycle tires: In our domestic environment, 80% of everyday metal objects are painted with powder paint. However, when the time comes to renew them, there is only the classic solution of liquid paint, which is applied with a brush or roller and which contains Often on solvents.

Metalcolor’s idea is to make powder coatings made by powder coating accessible to everyone, individuals and professionals alike. The director explains.

Powder coating is a simple and environmental solution

Powder coating is a simple and environmental solution to protect and beautify ferrous or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, stainless steel or steel. Without toxic solvents, these oven-baked paints under the influence of heat are transformed into a protective and resistant layer, thereby offering irreplaceable resistance.

Powder paints are available in glossy, matte or satin finishes, offer a wide range of colors and allow many special effects (textured, frosted, grainy, pearl, metallic, hammered, etc.).

Metalcolor ready website

By commissioning Mars Rouge to create their website, Metalcolor makes sure to gain credibility with their customers and prospects. An online presence is reassuring, it is a guarantee of seriousness and quality when a site is tailor-made, pleasing to the eye and cleverly created. The site also allows companies to showcase their identity and knowledge and position themselves against the competition.

Increase traffic through search engine optimization

In addition to creating the website, it is necessary to work on its reference in order to attract the largest number of visitors and create contacts. With natural references, the company will place itself in the first results of Google in a sustainable way and ensure qualified and regular traffic.

A digital strategy focused on vision

A strong web presence is a much faster and more cost effective way to build authority for your website and therefore Metacolor business. And when your website is technically well built, the editorial content will help the company to continue building its site on search engines like Google.

CSS design equivalent to Metalcolor

Specializing in powder coating on metal but also in abstraction, Metalcolor near Mulhouse in Alsace launches its website produced by Mars Rouge.

The web agency Mars Rouge in Mulhouse recently created Metalcolor. This same site has been rewarded with the CSS Design Awards.

Get a quote in 3 clicks for powder coating

Go to the website regardless of the medium, phone, tablet or computer. Contact is made by requesting a quote online or by phone call. Metalcolor accompanies and advises you through your renovation project.

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