LimeWire was launched at the NFTs in partnership with Universal Music Group

LimeWire partners with Universal Music Group

While last March, gear wire Given his desire to return to the forefront of the Internet scene thanks to the non-fungible tokens (NFT), the program seems to be going well. This is particularly evidenced by the most recent agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG) :

The goal of this agreement is simple: to allow artists under contract with UMG to provide additional experiences to their fans, by giving them the tools to publish Exclusive content in the form of NFTs On the future LimeWire platform. This content can be, for example, additional music tracks or uncut demos.

Paul and Julian Zeitmaier, both co-CEOs of LimeWire, expressed their excitement about the prospects for this new partnership:

โ€œWe view this partnership as a true demonstration of the pace at which the music industry is embracing Web 3.0. We are excited to open the LimeWire NFT Ecosystem to Universal Music Group artists and fans. [โ€ฆ]. ยป

Therefore it is The first major partnership In order to revive LimeWire and it will interest all entities of the UMG group, including Virgin Music and Capitol Records.

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The return of LimeWire

While in the collective subconscious, LimeWire is a name that refers to the early 2000s and peer-to-peer file downloading, the brand caused a surprise on March 9 by announcing its big comeback. as an NFT . platform.

With this in mind, a private sale of the LMWR token took place last April, for a total amount of $10 million. Among the investors, Kraken, Coinbase or even Swissborg participated in the game. According to the LimeWire roadmap, the public sale will take place in Fourth quarter of this year.

If nothing so far guarantees the success of the company, it is an initiative that gives value Concrete Application Case for NFTs And it provided artists with additional income, which allowed them to make better use of the fruits of their labor. Thus, we will have to follow the progress of the project in the future.

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Source: LimeWire

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