In Eure, children recreated a real presidential election at school

Tom Cockard and Lina Provost facing the Mayor of Cheronvilliers, present their proposals © Le Réveil Normand

Admittedly, he did not deliver his speech to the sound of the European anthem, at the Champ-de-Mars in the 7th arrondissement of Paris as President Emmanuel Macron.

But Tom Cucharda democratically elected president in Chéronvilliers School (Eure)He made sure to express himself in front of his comrades who trusted him.

Actual terms of the election

“I wanted to thank them and tell them I am proud to be there,” stated the CE2-CM1 student who chose Prime Minister Lina University Vice President.

However, the elections were not previously won for the Euro youth, “there were ten candidates in total, all of whom collected the necessary number of signatures.”

Get out of 500 sponsorships – obviously too big for class size – this poll took three.

Voters ready to vote © Le Réveil Normand

This wonderful initiative is the fruit of the work of Lauren Massamba, the school’s teacher.

“Before the Easter holidays, the pupils followed the presidential election closely at home and went back to school asking themselves a lot of questions.”

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Together, within the framework of Ethical and Civic Education (EMC), we have tried to understand the purpose of this election, its conduct and the role of the president. Next, I wanted to organize a presidential election inside the classroom, trying to recreate the real conditions as closely as possible.

Lauren Massamba, School Principal
The President on the right and the Prime Minister on the left © Le Réveil Normand

In the council chamber building, everything was present: polling booths and ballot boxes loaned by the municipality of Cheronvilliers, voter cards for children. It was almost as realistic as the April 10 and 24 elections. Students went to vote for their favorite candidate.

Now that he has been elected, President Tom Cockard’s role is to “improve the lives of the class through action. With his prime minister, he will make proposals and exchange with them.” Chéronvilliers Mayor Patrice Bouderontown hall officials, the other students, and the mistresses…”

already projects

This was also the reason for his interview with the city’s first judge who said he was “proud to be involved in this experience. The municipality will always lend its support to this type of event.”

Traditional examination © Le Réveil Normand

The new president’s first project: a more secret toilet at the school. The mayor replied, “We have taken note of this proposal, in order to install a larger class.”

Tom Cockard also mentioned “Buying a foldable target complements the one we already have”. Patrice Bouderon replied, “It’s better to see it with the principal because she has a budget for this kind of expense.”

Other proposals: A project to raise waste collection in the town. An initiative praised by the mayor, “It’s a very good idea that we’re going to implement.”

Tom Cockard explained just like the cross that “we’d like to do with the students of Bois-Arnault”. Regarding school life, “Mr. Mayor, we’ll need to buy gym equipment.” But also “bicycle storage rails”.

Ballot box, a key element in elections © Le Réveil Normand

“A bit nervous at first”

A final request that won the mayor’s approval, “We have already ordered three sets of bike racks to be installed privately on the town hall yard and at the school.”

In turn, Patrice Bouderon expressed a request, “Can we count on you to come and sing Marseille during the November 11 concert? A request to which the President responded positively.”

At the end of the interview – successfully – Tom Cockard did not hide his satisfaction.

I was a bit nervous at first, wasn’t used to talking to the mayor but things went well.

Tom CuchardElected Head of School in Cheronvilliers

“Our school prepares the citizens of tomorrow,” explains teacher Lauren Massamba. And who knows, maybe one day we will have Chéronvillageois or Chéronvillageois as president? »

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