Couples review, intimacy and sex: useful and wonderful work!

Couple, intimacy, and sexuality explore our bonds to one another to help us move toward a alive and luminous couple.

Couples, Intimacy and Sex: The Complete Program! Make the program exciting By Carlotta Meunier, Gestalt therapist, sex therapist and couple therapist. Based on his two previous books as well as on Support experienceIn this book, you explore the love of two people in all its dimensions.

Rich and captivating guide In order for the spouses to live and understand better, but also to know oneself better.

“(…) I bring not so much answers as invitations to question you, or to motivate you, or even to change you so that you can really, if you are in a relationship, build a relationship that allows you to be alive and joyful or, if you are single, think of the relationship in The light of what I propose to you.”

Tell me about love…

Written about love, a couple, a relationship, that’s clearly not what’s missing. We were also a little afraid to re-read what we’ve already read a thousand times – even if Boost shots are always good For some topics! But Carlotta Meunier managed to pleasantly surprise us, attracting all our attention!

Because what you say, and how you say it – that matters at least. And the author masters both perfectly. better than Reflections and analyzes related and diverse What you offer captivates us just as much Luminous energy and charity that comes out of his pen.

The way the book is organized also makes Smooth and enjoyable reading. Thus, we can choose only subjects that interest us and/or interest us, or devour them entirely (which we did!). Because, even in classes that don’t a priori correspond to your case (associate them with children if you don’t have any for example), you are not immune to finding The right food for thinking about yourself and your romantic relationship !

A careful exploration of the romantic relationship

Moreover, even if the title suggests otherwise, You don’t have to be in a relationship to immerse yourself in this reading. In fact, singles will find materials for their better understanding and prosperity, and will be able to approach with a richer interest to those who want to experience a couple.

Criticism of spouses, intimacy and sex_3

Because The relationship with the other passes first through the relationship with the self Attention to individual needs. An obvious fact that we tend to forget easily. Also, if you believe the relationship is there to fill in the gaps of your childhood, heal your old wounds and console your past relationships, Prepare to be a little shaky! Because Carlotta Meunier insists so much on this, and rightly so: If our partner can take care of us, he has no right to take charge of our personal history.

And if she insists too much on this point, it’s because we quickly, if we’re not careful, get swept up in a nervous affair. Most of the book focuses on this topic: Toxic relationships, how do they workwhat they are feeding on … but also and above all, how to become aware of and get out of such a relationship.

“Do you fear being abandoned? In fact, adults do not abandon each other, they leave each other. This fear of abandonment is then a very old wound that echoes the existential pain of complacency and loneliness.”

The couple as a space for growth

Break away from our old patterns of relationships; taming Journey to sexual gratification ; transcend everything that comes between us and the other (ideals, beliefs, values, judgments, expectations, etc.) to truly satisfy them; Learn how to communicate better ; Considered Opportunities for personal and marital development resulting from crises ; Understand everything that fatherhood awakens in our personal history…

Criticism of spouses, intimacy and sex_0

through this Many rich and integrated themes, the only goal: to move towards a real, living relationship. And transforming the relationship into a space for growth and achievement. That’s why Carlotta Meunier calls us too Question our beliefs and expectations related to the relationship Open our eyes to the couple.

Is it desirable to know everything about the other? What if the pillar of the relationship was not sexual but an intimate one? Moreover, what are we talking about when we talk about intimacy? Where is the line between “caring” and “taking charge”? The topic is really cool.. It also perfectly complements Toi & Moi Personal Development, a true relational tool to enhance the authenticity of the bond that binds us to others. A book to read and re-readEither alone or as a couple.

The couple, Intimacy and Sex, was published by Carlotta Munier, on February 16, 2022 by Éditions Le Souffle d’Or.

Couple, intimacy and sex



A blow to the heart!

This complete and useful book offers many avenues for personal reflection but also for marital exchange. Without taboos, judgment or guilt, the author deconstructs a certain number of received ideas, values ​​​​of communication and self-knowledge as tools towards a distinguished spouse.

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