Vincent and Justin broke up, the real reasons revealed

Vincent farmer from last year’s season Love is in the meadow. He couldn’t find a shoe to match him thanks to Karen Le Marchand’s offer, but a little later he met Justin who came with him to the show’s balance sheet. We thought it was all running like clockwork for them, but they seemed to be separated. In fact, you have certainly seen the information on social networks. In this article, we reveal the real reasons for their separation.

Love is in the meadow : Why did Vincent and Justin break up?

Although Vincent farmer participated in the last year Love is in the meadow, The audience did not forget him because his adventure was chaotic. Therefore, fans are still talking about him and following his romance. Thanks to our colleagues from JFD, We learned more about the real reason behind their breakup. You’ll be surprised, that’s for sure…

confusing experience in Love is in the meadow

Vincent made an impression at the 2021 edition of Love is in the meadow. first candidatem 6 She was very attractive. So it aroused the interest of many contenders. He received a lot of messages and many beautiful girls made the journey for speed dating. The farmer had made his last choice on two adorable brunettes, Natasha and Hafsa. Aside from their outstanding physique, she didn’t have the same profile at all. The first was young and adaptable while the second was older and thus independent and seemed to have a stronger personality.

candidate Love is in the meadow She made the decision to continue the adventure with the youngest Natasha. And so, as required by the program, he made a trip to his family, but the atmosphere quickly disappointed … We don’t know what happened during the night, but in the young morning, the theater overturned! Vincent suddenly decides to end his relationship with a beautiful brunette and immediately returns to his farm. This earned him a torrent of criticism on social networks. In fact, the horse trainer has taken a lot of attention to his behavior with Natasha. Relive the moment of the explanation in the video below.

But life is full of surprises! In fact, the handsome brunette didn’t stay alone for long, because apart from resurrecting Love is in the meadow, He met Justin whom he had taken to the balance sheet against Karen Le Marchand. In fact, Vincent and Justin met via social networks. Very quickly, the couple decided to live together. But, on their Instagram account, they post the announcement of their separation. However, it seemed like it was a good start, so what happened between the lovebirds?

Vincent is unlucky in love!

This is the message of Provençal Love is in the meadow Through social media, to announce the sad news to his followers: Unfortunately, I feel obligated to announce to you some heartbreaking news. Many of you ask me questions about my relationship with Justin », begins with an explanation. The father continues: Life decided to separate us. We are not angry and I hope to have good memories one day. I never lose hope and I wish both of us the best…Justin will be engraved in my heart forever”, is over. Strangely enough, this post has been deleted…

Sure, Vincent’s romantic relationships never last long! whether in the program Love is in the meadow or outside Anyway, this is good news for fans who will be able to try their luck, because the farmer once again has the heart!

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