Vieux-Moulin / Cuise-la-Motte. Anthony Legrand rapes his partner before the gendarmes threaten with a saber

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“At first things were going well, then I found out that Madame was meeting someone for money—and freaked out.”

So it was all “good start” In this love story – he is born in detention while Anthony Legrand, 27, is serving a 5-year sentence for violence. Connecting to a dating site every day, Legrand rushes to seduce the person who will be waiting for him upon his release in August 2021. And the ex-prisoner – the father of two unacknowledged children also claims He has no contact with his family. – To settle down soon with his girlfriend. But the short-lived poet, Legrand slaps and humiliates “slut” Based on “whore” He who loves him reveals himself the most and forces her in particular to stop working. This is too much for the young woman who then wants to end the relationship. One day in September, I asked Legrand to do his work and decided to drop him off in the car at Compiègne station.

As the pair were crossing the woods, Legrand got angry at the driver—suddenly pulling the handbrake into the car, before slapping him and then punching him, earning the victim two days of ITT. In the throes of delirium, the young man – who suffers from delirium “Psychotic mental disorders” He pulls a razor blade out of his pocket and cuts himself in the neck. Head to the emergency room, where the victim has no choice but to wait for her suicidal lover at the exit. And resume married life as if nothing had happened.

Later, other violent scenes occur, often in the presence of the victim’s 17-year-old daughter, the mother of the family who does not hesitate to defend the teenager. Legrand is expelled again, but he always comes back – he spends part of his time drinking at the victim’s house, smoking cannabis and taking cocaine.

He gets up, grabs an ax and threatens the soldiers

On March 16, a (new) argument erupts between the young woman and Legrand – the latter scolding his lover over a phone conversation she allegedly had with another man, who ‘Give gifts’. When the gendarmerie descends the victim “horrified”And His leggings are completely ripped.his face marked with “bowels”. Anger at the army – and can’t stand the vision His wife is talking to other men. -, then Legrand decided to take refuge in his room, where there is a real arsenal of weapons. First, it was a katana (samurai saber) saber that Legrand introduced to PSIG members. Before the gendarmes, Legrand’s girlfriend immediately throws herself in, and manages to disarm the madman, but Anthony does not allow himself to be counted. Grabbing a knife this time, Legrand threatens to commit suicide. Hoping to pacify him, the gendarmes used their stun cannon – which proved ineffective at controlling the furious. The young man gets up, grabs an ax and in turn threatens the soldiers, who have no choice but to withdraw their service weapons. An argument ensued, Legrand—the target—agreed to put his ax on the ground, but then exchanged it for a kitchen knife. The knife he would eventually drop after long conversations.

“I wanted to die, that’s it. I wanted them to shoot me” Announces from his fund Anthony Legrand on Monday, May 16th. Not very talkative, but acknowledging the facts with which he is now accused, Legrand – in a state of recidivism – declared to his judges: “Since I was imprisoned, I’ve been thinking, but I can’t understand”. Legrand has already been convicted 21 times (including for theft, drug use, racketeering, and several traffic offenses), and several reprieves have been overturned since his arrest, delaying his release date to April 2023.

Having come to testify in the tavern – but not file a civil case – he presents his ex-boyfriend Legrand as a person “Needs psychological follow-up.” To continue, please: “I want him to get treatment. He has a good background, we were supposed to get married and have a baby, there’s something wrong with his head.

“Systematically Violent Relationship”

back to “The Completely Uncontrollable Character” From the defendant, Prosecutor Audrey Sinegas asserts that Legrand “No respect for others” laments “A relationship that was consistently violent.” So sorry for Legrand “Don’t ask yourself” And also scary “Great repetition risk”, It requires 3 years in prison, with continued detention, as well as 4 years of socio-judicial follow-up.

“At twenty-seven, Mr. Legrand is irreplaceable,” For his part, pleads May Charlotte de Boislavel, his lawyer. Insisting on “Psychological disorders of his client” and his “particularly dangerous awareness”She claims that on the day of her arrest, “He was not threatening the gendarmerie, but rather himself.”. And he concludes his argument, turning to his client, crying and having cramps in his chest: “Mr. Legrand is a lonely person and needs care.”

He was found guilty of the charges, and Anthony Legrand was sentenced to two years in prison. In addition, he will have to comply with a 3-year socio-judicial follow-up, with the obligation in particular to follow-up care and the prohibition of contact with the victim and appearing in his home. Currently, he is being held in custody.


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