“Revenge”: After two cancers and an accident, Alexander released his first album at the age of 24

Alexander Walding released his first CD under his artist name “WLD” at the age of 24. (© Ninon Ujit/Lauren News)

Originally from Saint Avold (Moselle), Alexander Walding “WLD” is about to release his first EP (Extended game) authorized stay Having received a Marie & Mathias Scholarship, from the Society of the same name, in honor of the Moselle couple who died in the Bataclan.

in this occasion, Lauren News It follows the journey of a 24-year-old who feels he has lived “more than one life” between cancer and a car accident.

From the first texts at the age of 7 years

Alexander rocked very early in music thanks to his older brother and grandmother with classical music and also thanks to his father who “worked for RTL Heights He was a fan of Elvis Presley. He had vinyl turntables in the house.

However, Alexander did not embark on this art until 2015. Specifically, He has been dealing with texts written in a diary since he was 7 years old And he puts music on it, inserts rhymes, to create rap. “It was just on a whim,” Alexander says.

But the young man, very modest, did not receive any support and was slow to show his creativity to the public. It will be necessary to wait until December 31, 2016 to get on stage: “I wrote a letter and went to a friend who was doing karaoke. I sang it in front of about twenty people and it was very well received. Since then, I have never stopped.”

Member of a group before a solo career

Even he decides group formation With three friends named “Fat Gang” in 2017.

Installed in a communal apartment in the ‘incredible’ hamlet of Drum, they make up their ‘sanctuary’. We text them, we make a clothing brand with our logo on it, and we stick our labels everywhere. And then overnight, I found myself without this family.

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Jealousy begins and the group breaks up before the reform – in part – during First solo concert By Alexander “WLD”, in 2018.

The following year, he released his first single on streaming platforms, Human In order to “solve the issue of depression. Although I write for myself, I wanted to help people. It is the first stone in the building.”

He was diagnosed with two cancers

But things change when he is diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22. He begins chemotherapy, a three-year romantic relationship ends and Alexander is treated: “I wanted take my revenge about it all.”

When he leaves the hospital, he forms a group of friends and finds himself confronted with a text he has forgotten: converts. “It was an essential love song to her, but the script has evolved,” he explains. But at the age of 23 a Lung Cancer been diagnosed.

We will make sure your dreams come true.

Before the release of the first filmed song, a phone call turns Alexander’s life upside down. This is Maurice, the father of Mary who died in the November 13, 2015 attacks in the Bataclan, and who ended up meeting up.

We talk and he says to me: “The strength that you have in you, I felt the same strength in my daughter’s eyes.” I’m on the verge of breaking down but he tells me, “We’ll make sure your dreams come true after all this.”

Alexander Walding “WLD”
Maurice Lasch, Alexander Walding and Jean-François Demarsky at the award ceremony.
Maurice Lasch, Alexander Walding and Jean-François Demarsky at the award ceremony. (© Ninon Ogit/Lauren News)

The two men separated because of this, and Alexander sent him a file the same night and found themselves in Metz two weeks later: “I was told this during the evening [un concert hommage à Marie et Mathias], a scholarship will be offered and that I will be a part of it. I knew they would fund my first EP. converts Really made a difference.”

After an incomparable convalescence and worries about his old studio, he co-wrote and directed his first short film. converts aired on 1Verse October 2021.

Behind his first EP, A Miracle Car Accident

For this first EP, Alexander turned professional and was supervised by a director: “He follows me and puts me down with a strictness I didn’t have.”

Reflections about this project begin and the title comes to WLD as a suggestion: “In 2017, I made a Car accident with several rollovers. I fainted, but I walked away safely. I don’t remember anything except the music being played at that time, Should I stay or should I leave From The Clash. I took a picture of the broken car, did some tweaking, and put the phrase “stay” in the smoke.”

The project begins with a reading letter, it’s a zero-sum song. It was part of the introduction but we split it in two, it was a message I sent to myself when I was in the hospital. I got a big slap because this letter can heal all the feelings that Stay says.

Alexander Walding “WLD”

with Seven tracksincluding a song dedicated to his brother for example, an EP will be released on 7 June 2022 “That day is my father’s birthday. He introduced me to art so it is a way to honor him.”

Alexander Walding's first EP disc
Alexandre Walding’s first “WLD” will be released on June 7, 2022. (© WLD)

Regardless of the release on streaming platforms, Multiple clips must follow. Not to mention that the idea of ​​this (EP) is to make it a double, i.e. “A Rap version and another Revisiting the acoustics With many musicians,” WLD details.

Towards a small tour

Yes, but after the release of the first EP, what is the planned sequel?

First of all, a little tour, “We have already taken the temperature in Luxembourg,” then we continue to make music, of course: “I haven’t used even 2% of my scripts yet,” says Alexandre.

As for the album, it will be released when it takes according to the singer, but in the meantime, you can find his first EP on all the streaming platforms In the middle of the night of June 7.

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