Here’s what’s behind the acronym LGBTQAI+

It is not always easy to understand the concepts behind the acronym LGBTQ+. Here are the facts understood through these messages.

© Nicolas Landemard / Le Pictorium / MAXPPP – Nicolas Landemard / Le Pictorium – 05/18/2019 – Belgium / Brussels / Brussels – About 100,000 people demonstrated in the streets of the Belgian capital today for the 24th Belgian / Gay Pride / March Prides. / 18/05/2019 – Belgium / Brussels / Brussels – Today about 100,000 people demonstrated in the streets of the Belgian capital for the 24th Belgian Congress / Gay Pride / Marche des Fiertes.

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. On the sidelines of this day, the federal government adopted its “Plan for LGBT-friendly Belgium”.

Thus 133 actions are included in this plan which wants ” Promoting the rights and inclusion of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, gay and bisexual people”The statement said.

But as with all minorities, discrimination occurs when ignorance imposes itself. Cliches and stereotypes combine to erase reality and make room for imagination.

For many years, these preconceived notions could have been reinforced with the increasing variety of sometimes unflattering letters included in the LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI+, LGBTQQI2SAA movement…

If acronyms fans rub their hands and Scrabble fans bitterly lament the ban on the use of these few characters, normal humans find themselves completely alone in the face of what feels like a no-hassle maze.

However, both of these messages point out very concrete facts, although sometimes they are not very concrete for the heterosexuals who served as a standard in the organization of society.

Lesbian L

Women are attracted to women. Here she is gay. This generic term can stand on its own. But these women soon realized that they did not have the same needs as their male counterparts. Marie-Pierre Boisvert, general director of the Quebec Gay Council, explains to the daily La Presse+: “To demand rights – social, in particular – we must be able to name the facts more clearly.” Lesbian women have asserted themselves as lesbians. .

G gay

Men are attracted to men. Here he is gay. But this term has long been referred to in a negative way, referring to mental illness. It is in this context that the term “homosexual” has taken its place.

B for bisexual

A man or a woman is attracted to both men and women. Here they are bisexuals.

But this term is contested by a section of LGBT people because it is based on the traditionally accepted binary scheme that there are only two genders: male and female.

T for Trans

The term transgender refers to the concepts of transgender and transgender people.

Transgender people are people who do not recognize their assigned gender at birth. “A lot of transgender people are very comfortable with their bodies, but they are uncomfortable with having to identify with a particular gender. It’s the label that comes with their bodies and that doesn’t fit their bodies,” defines Marie-Pierre Poisfert

The term transgender refers to all persons who have undergone -administrative-sex change. In Belgium, you must submit a declaration before a civil status official stating that you have an “intimate, firm, and irreversible conviction of belonging to the female or masculine gender,” notes Maison Arc-en-ciel. This declaration must be repeated after three months, and only then, provided that the prosecutor does not issue an unsupported opinion, the person can change his first name and gender on his identity card.

It is not necessary to change the sex by surgery to benefit from this administrative adjustment.

To our colleagues at La Presse+, Marie-Pierre Poisevert admits she prefers the term “trans”: “It includes all non-binary people, that is, those who do not appear as men or women. Or both. Or in between. So when we talk about a transgender person, he is An umbrella term that can refer to all of these people.”

Q about queer

A person is not attracted to sex or gender but to a person. Here she is gay. This term, which has no equivalent in French, is placed against the heterosexual scheme, but also against the binary system in which homosexuality is combined.

Q for interrogation

In English, the Q of LGBTQ includes all people concerned about their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

I love Intersex

These are people who were born neither male nor female. Gender identity or sexual orientation is not the issue. For example, Liberation in 2017 met Gaitan Schmidt, who was born with a small penis and an underdeveloped vagina. These physiological characteristics will affect between 0.05% and 1.7% of the world’s population according to figures reported by Intersex Belgium.


A person is in a romantic relationship without feeling sexual attraction. She is asexual. 1% of the population would be concerned about the statements of an active ASBL Asexual in Belgium.

LGBTQIA+, an unforgettable bonus

But some go further in rating. This is the case in the United States where the longest acronym contains eleven characters: LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transgender, queer, interrogation, bisexual, asexual, allies (heterosexual allies of reason), pansexuals ).

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