All about the future VR headset from Oculus

At the moment, there is nothing official regarding the release of the Oculus Quest 3. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed in January that a new Oculus VR headset is in development. So it’s likely to be the third generation Quest.

Mark Zuckerberg did not give official details of his project. However, he said that Facebook-owned Oculus continues to work on new devices that will be suitable for the same platform. In other words, content played on Quest 2 must be compatible with this new device. This gives the impression that the company is developing a successor to Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 3: More information revealed over time

During an interview, Mark Zuckerberg did not fail to state that the fileOculus Quest 3 Already under development. Furthermore, he added that Oculus has already started working on Quest 4.

According to him, the company now has production teams working on future generations of virtual reality headsets. They are already working on the design to see what Tasks 3 and 4.

Recently, the details were revealed by two key Oculus CEOs. They emphasized that it would still be necessary wait Long before the release of a new Oculus headset. Despite this, there is already a new device on the way. But it may be an institutional upgrade from Quest 2 Instead of Quest 3. Anyway, nothing is confirmed yet. Therefore, rumors and predictions about the product always deserve special attention.

Possible release date for Quest 3

As a reminder, Quest 2 came out only a year and a half after the official release of the original Quest game. Given this discrepancy, it should not be expected to beOculus Quest 3 hits the market before 2022.

It is already very likely that the company will adopt same calendar for this new device.

Also, since Facebook wants to establish itself as pole From consumer virtual reality, its release date should not be later than 2023.

What about the possible specifications of the device?

Given the improvements Oculus made to the Quest 2 over its predecessor, it’s clear that the Quest 3 is also a VR headset. Self-confident. You’ll also likely benefit from the usual improvements.

Among these, in particular, a higher resolutionBetter processing power and longer battery life. It should not be forgotten that Quest 2 offers an image that is 50% sharper than the original Quest. This means that the next device will be able to offer even more impressive picture quality.

In terms of refresh rate, 72Hz was dropped from the Quest 1 to 90 Hz For Quest 2. This number can go up to 120 Hz Thanks to a future upgrade according to Facebook Reality Labs Vice President Andrew Bosworth aka Boz. Quest 3 can also have a 120Hz refresh rate. It remains to be seen if the following VR games will be able to support this upgrade.

Other potential technical characteristics of Quest 3

oculus quest 3

Apart from the previous technical characteristics, Oculus Quest 3 is also likely to adopt display technology light field subordinate Swiss startup CREAL. This popular technology offers a display that imitates human eyesight, thus providing better visual comfort. Note that the young company’s screen can, According to them, it operates at a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

It is also possible to see improvements in the design. Among other things, the weight of the new device will undoubtedly be significantly reduced. The material will also definitely provide better comfort. Software updates can also be released to improve hand tracking, for example.

Unfortunately, it will likely require access to the VR platform Facebook account As with Quest 2. People who are against the latest data collection methods won’t stand a chance this time.

What about the price of the Oculus Quest 3?

As a reminder, the Oculus Quest 2 is available in . format 2 versions. Therefore, the first has a storage space of 64 GB, while the second offers a storage space of 256 GB. The cost of these devices is about 349 euros and 445 euros, respectively.

Quest 2 cost as well Cheaper Than the original Quest when it was released although with much better specs.

Looking at this trend, it is believed that Quest 3 will not be No more expensive than its predecessor, especially since Facebook wants to emphasize consumer virtual reality.

Oculus Quest 3 Predictions: What to expect from a virtual reality headset

Since its release, Oculus Quest 2 has been a huge success. At present it is even no longer sold of the company’s other helmets combined. Despite this, it is do not run The pitfalls of virtual reality technology at the moment. Then we expect thatOculus Quest 3 He managed to solve such a problem. For this, this is what we want to see on the device.

Improve prevention of motion sickness

The motion sickness constitutes a reality calamity For the majority of VR headsets, including the Quest 2. Depending on the user’s tolerance level, these devices can cause dizziness, which can lead to nausea. So we hope soskylight You will find a way to fix this with Quest 3.

better fit

Although modern VR headsets, such as the Quest 2, offer better comfort compared to their predecessors, they do not yet allow you to take advantage of good tight fit. So it is a problem that almost all virtual reality devices are facing at present. The next generation of VR headsets should solve it.

Optimizing the Oculus Store

oculus quest 3

When you consult the Oculus Store on PC, you can discover new versions of different apps and search for new games easily. However, this is not the case at all when opened in a VR headset. There is really no way to jump to new content quickly. So we hope to beOculus Quest 3 It will be more convenient and solve this problem.

virtual social space

The Quest 2 has an advantageinvite friends To play some games in multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, there is no social space to interact with them. It would be interesting, then, for Quest 3 to offer a virtual social space in which players can share news with each other, for example.

Improved media sharing

Sharing videos or screenshots on an Oculus headset is no easy feat. The Quest 2 has already tried to solve the problem, but the result was not really satisfactory. To share VR content, you have to go through several time-consuming steps. then we likeOculus Quest 3 Improves media sharing to make things easier.

Preview what lies in the way of Quest 3

Although Quest 2 was real success Among the users of virtual reality, it must be said that it has not really penetrated the consumer market. Oculus must then make sure that the Quest 3 can do a better job of shining in this market.

There are also display problems. Thus, no one disputes the fact that LED indicator It is one of the best virtual reality headphones ever created. However, due to the lack of transistors, their manufacture was discontinued over the past year. So it should louver Learn lessons from For such a situation so that his new helmet can achieve success.

Finally, it is good to note that rumors have been circulating that A Apple VR Headset He is on the way. The competition promises to be tough for years to come, and Quest 3 should be able to handle it. However, strong competition is always a good thing for players.

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