Meta releases new tools for Horizon Worlds Metaverse authors

On April 11, Meta published a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and the creators of Horizon Worlds content. This meeting was held in a virtual space. The goal of the meeting was to allow content creators to earn money in order to ensure that the virtual world thrives. Thus, Meta introduced a rewards program.

How will the creators of the metaverse be paid?

Facebook, the parent company of Meta, has announced rewards for promoting goals. During the testing phase, creators of the worlds in which users spend the most time will be paid. There are restrictions on certain topics such as pornography, pornography, and of course violence.

The objectives of this program may change in the future. For example, it can focus on the use of new tools or functions that developers will have to release.

The rewards program also has a special function. She has a special $10 million fund that has been encouraging creatives since last year. The distribution of this fund depends on several factors. First, encourage competition to create the world’s most popular and use development tools. Second, it trains selected authors from different fields and cultures on the Horizon Worlds development tools. Finally, it serves as funding for select developers to create simple cooperative games.

Some examples of what can be done in Horizon World to earn money during the meeting were also shown. This includes organizing events such as collaborative meditation. This may sound ironic because meditation is used to get rid of illusions. Another example could be holding training courses on creating a virtual world in Horizon Worlds. We can also work collectively on projects in an environment work rooms A special feature that supports voice chat, presentation broadcasting, and other collaboration tools.

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the inclusiveness of social groups and public recognition of the contribution of each participant. This is also a positive aspect of increased engagement.

The creators were certainly drawn to some of the features of Horizon Worlds. This includes the ability to personify objects in virtual space simply by naming them. There is also a built-in ability to support your favorite authors. This is done through a subscription similar to Patreon (a US membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run the subscription service). Marketing support for talented authors is extensive. Meta understands that a talent for creating worlds may not match the ability to popularize the project to a large audience. In addition, creators can imagine and import their materials into the world.

These great features can make Meta Horizon worlds more famous.

It is clear that the virtual world could be the successor to the Internet today. It will be present on different platforms (PCs, consoles, mobile devices, AR/VR headsets). The market is expected to grow to about $13 trillion by 2030. Meta has chosen the “narrow metaverse” (VR only) niche with a potential market of $1 trillion in the same time frame.

Many metaviruses will be categorized by technology, country, or field of application. Meta seems to have chosen the Business Tools (Enterprise) segment. It has also focused on the consumer (commerce and small business) and entertainment (gaming) sectors. In this area, they will be in competition with Microsoft.

Horizon Worlds is probably in the low segment due to performance limitations in terms of technology used. However, if cloud gaming is more successful, there is a chance of seeing improved graphics on headphones. Streaming from a local computer is another possibility that Meta isn’t considering at this point.

The technical platform

Alexandr Agapitov (Founder and CEO of Xsolla, Inc.) has announced another project focused on advanced graphics with the ambition of becoming a gamer this year.

The technical platform through which people will access the metaverse is also important. The VR headset isn’t the most user-friendly device in this sense. Citi’s report estimates the average time of day for VR headsets and other displays. Reports are not in favor of the dead. According to her, the average time is 15 minutes to 1 hour per day for headphones compared to 4 to 8 hours per day for mobile phones.

Horizon Worlds avatars also have some quirks. They have no legs but are very realistic. The consequences of not having legs in the metaverse have yet to be measured. Features such as hand or finger gestures, head rotation relative to the body, facial emotions, and smiley face animations in the space next to the avatar create a more realistic feeling of the presence of the other person next to the user. The proximity of an avatar in a virtual area provides a higher level of mutual trust. More trust in the business world means a higher rate of development of relationships, which is important for the success of the enterprise.


In conclusion, the metaverse would be a great solution to real world problems, but with some limitations. However, Meta has some advantages due to its implementation on its platform. The ability to earn money with new tools is also a factor that can help in gaining access to new Meta Creators. Anyone who helps creators and companies make money automatically becomes a leader.

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