Like “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, ten series and movies in which love travels through time

In the series, which launches this Monday at OCS, a sculptor falls in love with a librarian who is pushed through time. The opportunity to return to ten novels whose heroes go through the ups and downs of time journeys.

s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Stephen Moffat (2022)

Claire and Henry love each other. Someday they will get married. The only problem: Henry has a strange disability that pushes him through time… he adapts to cinema without tact (Finished, Written by Robert Schwintke, 2009), a novel by Audrey Nivenegger time is nothing (Editor: Michele Lavonne) Provides dramatic material for Stephen Moffat (Sherlock). Between pure comedy with melodramatic motives, absurd comedy, and dramatic story-tragedy, Time Traveler’s Wife She also enjoys the charm of the main couple, Rose Leslie (game of thrones) And Theo James (forked).
On OCS from May 16th.

q “Doctor Who” by Sidney Newman (since 1963)

Doctor Who, then translated by David Tennant, and his most beautiful love story, River Song (Alex Kingston).

BBC Photo / © SCI FI

British TV’s most famous SF hero, the space-time traveler with multiple incarnations, has experienced many frustrated love. Among his favorites (this about a thousand-year-old alien has two), an Aztec woman named Camica and Madame de Pompadour herself. Not to mention the doctor’s ambiguous feelings towards his assistants. We haven’t forgotten David Tennant’s tears when Prisoner of the Parallel Universe Rose (Billy Piper), confesses her love for him in a heartbreaking episode called “Adieu Rose,” which has left many others drowning. Elizabeth I marriedDr and Marilyn Monroe, but her most beautiful love story is called River Song (Alex Kingston), an archaeologist from L.I.And Century, also a time traveler. It’s hard to agree on a common timetable…
On Prime Video and SyFy

s Groundhog Day by Harold Ramis (1993)

Bill Murray and Andy McDowell on Groundhog Day.

Bill Murray and Andy McDowell on Groundhog Day.


The infernal adventure of Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is not just a romance, but the relationship between his hero, a bitter weatherman, and his co-star, played by Andy McDowell, remains central to it. At first, these two hate each other. However, by reliving the same day over and over (the day of the Marmot Festival, a stressful local tradition), he will learn to appreciate it, know it by heart and then impress him. A comical and poignant seduction but a little awkward when you think about it, because the young woman is not fully aware of the time loop Phil Connors is caught in, which he exploits to make her fall into his arms…
on VOD and DVD.

s ‘Palm Springs’, by Max Barbaku (2020)

Andy Samberg and Christine Milioti in

Andy Samberg and Christine Milioti in “Palm Springs.”

Photo by Christopher Willard / Hulu

Invited to a California wedding, Nils (Andy Samberg) also lives on the same day ad nauseam. However, his relationship with Sarah (Christine Milioti) is based on an unprecedented dynamic, and it’s best to keep it surprising. Once the concept is put in place, the spectator finds himself driven into a whirlwind of good ideas, massive gags – willingly alcoholic – and of course feelings. With the inevitable question: Will they end up together forever?
on Prime Video.

ohAbout Time”, by Richard Curtis (2013)

Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time by Richard Curtis.

Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time by Richard Curtis.

Translux – Action Title Movies

A young man (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers that he can travel through time. A gift from heaven that he won’t use to try extraordinary things, but simply to be happy with the girl he chooses (Rachel McAdams). Richard Curtis (really love) He wants to renew the art of emotional comedy (often repetitive), but, like the hero of his film, he lacks imagination. To such an extent that it ends up weakening the (often innovative) art of science fiction.
on Prime Video.

sLost”, by J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof (2004–2010)

Henry Ian Cusick in the TV series

Henry Ian Cusick in the 2008 TV series “Lost” Created by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk Season 4 Episode 5. Prod DB © ABC – Bad Robot – ABC signature

ABC – Robot Bad – ABC Signature / Collection Prod DB

It’s just one of many, many features, but it shows love through time Lost One of his most beautiful episodes. Fixed. Famous lost in time In VF, this person spins the uncontrolled time-jumps of Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick), who has contracted a disease that would be fatal to him if he did not find his “steadfastness,” a landmark that allows him to put himself in the weather. It will be his companion Penny (Sonia Walger) who has been searching for him so desperately since his disappearance…a touching, imaginative episode, where love is stronger than years past.
on Disney+.

q “Outlander” by Ron de Moore (since 2014)

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in “Outlander,” a series by Ron D. Moore.

Stars – Tel Ship Productions – Story Company for Mining and Supply – Left Bank Pictures – Sony Pictures TV

This is an excerpt from the Diana Gabaldon series of novels. Thistle and Tartan (ed. Presses de la Cité), In 1945 a wartime nurse, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), was driven into Scotland (then France and the United States) in the mid-18thAnd a century. There she meets a warrior from the heights, Jimmy Fraser (Sam Heughan) … This sentimental historical mural, alternating soapy and brutal scrolls, uses its characters’ journeys between 18And century, after World War II and the 1970s to explore their emotional struggles.
on Stars Play.

qI Married Peggy Sue”, by Francis Ford Coppola (1986)

Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage in Francis Ford Coppola's Peggy Sue Got Married.

Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage in Francis Ford Coppola’s Peggy Sue Got Married.


As she prepares for divorce, Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) is expected to be back twenty-five years ago, the evening of her high school prom…song of Buddy Holly from Bill Haley’s rabid rock, Coppola signs a wonderful tale of disappointment. Yesterday is not necessarily more beautiful than it is today and there is no point in dreaming otherwise. We would have liked a less sage nostalgia.
on VOD and DVD.

sMidnight in Paris”, by Woody Allen (2011)

Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson V

Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”

Gravier Productions – Mediapro

Gilles, a frustrated screenwriter (Owen Wilson), is fascinated by the Paris of the 1920s, as Hemingway, Picasso, Cole Porter and the Fitzgeralds rub shoulders… And as Paris is a miracle, a party, a fairy tale, here on a street corner, at midnight, a car takes him From another age through time, towards his idols and … the woman of his life (Marion Cotillard). Here, everything is fast, fun, airy. The dead rally, intercede, help the eternally dissatisfied beings that we must put up with their neurosis. Between the past and the past, they are constantly digging up clues. It is up to us to understand and understand it.
on MyCanal.

s “22.11.63” by Bridget Carpenter (2016)

“22.11.63” with James Franco and Sarah Gadon

Warner Bros.

Jake Ebbing, the lone literature professor (James Franco), discovers a space-time portal in the back of a restaurant leading to Dallas, a few weeks before the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963… Bravely rejected, this conceals a novel quote by Stephen King with the atmosphere of a suspense film Historic is a sad emotional drama about the importance of seizing the present moment and living without regrets. A beautiful love story that moves despite some lengths.
on VOD.

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