Gaspard’s son Ulil’s mother opens up about the actor’s death for the first time

On January 19, 2022, Gaspard Uliel breathed his last at just 37 years old. The actor left behind a young child he had with his ex-girlfriend Gayle Petrie. The latter also broke her silence on the death of the father of her child.

Of a very conservative origin, Gaëlle Pietri first spoke about the death of Gaspard Ulliel on her Instagram account. In her post, the beautiful brunette in particular mentioned the so-called affair of her late ex-boyfriend with a well-known actress. We give you more details.

The relationship between Jasper and Gayle, the birth of their son

Before Gaspard Uliel died, he had the opportunity to learn what it meant to be a father. Especially thanks to Gaëlle Pietri, the actor was able to savor this happiness. For the record, the model had a crossover with the father of her son in 2013.

Actor Gaspar Ulliel and his wife Gael Petrie are seen at Roland Garros on June 7, 2017 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

They fell in love, the two became a couple in the same year. However, since they have always preferred to live their relationship away from the media hype, there are very few details about their meeting and romance.

We all know that after several years of living together, the two stars broke up. Despite this separation, the former couple remained on good terms for the sake of their son.

Gaspard Uliel and Gael Petrie attend the 20th Lemaire Awards Gala, at Espace Pierre Cardin on February 2, 2015 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, the young family took advantage of a short vacation at the ski resort of La Rosière in Savoy, when Gaspard Ulliel tragically passed away. Paris Match writes in her columns about this:

Gaspard and Gael, who had been separated for two years, decided to spend a few days with Urso.

Unfortunately, their stay ended in real tragedy.

Photo by Jill Petrie. ǀ Source: Getty Images

As for little Urso, he just celebrated his sixth birthday when his father breathed his last at the start of 2022.

Born on January 12, 2016, the boy made his parents very happy, especially his father. Although Gaëlle Pietri and her ex-boyfriend have always been conservative when it comes to their private lives, it sometimes happens that a beautiful brunette makes an exception by posting pictures of her son on social networks.

On the boy’s fifth birthday, to be celebrated in 2021, for example, supermodel Urso’s Instagram account was seen browsing.

In the legend of this adorable little baby video, Gayle Petrie wishes him “a life full of happiness, calm and smooth,” like a wave her baby was surfing.

The post that obviously melted the hearts of many netizens.

“But it is not possible how nice it is”,

Can we read in the comments.

Gaspard’s death

Gaspard Uliel breathed his last on January 19, 2022, seven days after his son’s birthday. While skiing in the resort of La Rosière, the actor collided with another skier, causing a head injury.

Seeing the comedian’s health deteriorate, witnesses called a doctor waiting for the SAMU to arrive. Gaspard Uliel was then taken by helicopter to Grenoble University Hospital shortly before 4 pm.

Unfortunately, Urso’s father could not be saved, despite rescue efforts. His death greatly affected many people, including many public figures such as Pierre Nene, Jean Dujardin, or even Jean Castex, who all paid tribute to the deceased young man on social networks.

For the record, Gaspard Ulil was born on November 25, 1984. Born to determined parents, the late made his film debut at a young age. Thanks to his appearance in the film “Les égarés” by André Téchiné, the young audience was 19 years old at the time.

In 2005, he won the César Award for Best Male Hope after his interpretation of a World War I soldier in “A Long Engagement Day” directed by Jean-Pierre Junet.

He particularly won the Cesar Award for Best Actor in 2017 after his participation in Xavier Dolan’s movie “Juste la fin du monde”. Urso’s father also put himself in Yves Saint Laurent’s shoes in Bertrand Bonello’s biopic, released in 2014.

This very attractive late actor was the face of Chanel perfume during his lifetime. There is no doubt that his disappearance leaves a huge void in the world of show business.

Gayle’s first statement on Gaspard’s death and reaction to rumors about his affairs

By leaving him for good, Gaspard Uliel has left his family, including his son’s mother who now has to raise the little boy alone.

If Gayle Petrie didn’t react to the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend once the sad news was announced at the start of 2022, she finally broke her silence on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

In fact, on his Instagram account, the model posted a black and white shot of the actor at sea, along with their son Orso. A picture accompanied by a long message is very touching.

“His departure affected us in a direct and individual way without us having time to prepare or even organize,”

We can read in the explanation of the publication.

Distressed by the sudden death of Gaspard Ulliel, Gael Petri explained that all of the comedian’s relatives “honored the presence of everyone around his remains.”

In her letter, the model also wanted to make things clear about the so-called romantic affair that her ex-husband had with Vicki Krebs. A rumor spread after the actor’s disappearance that Gayle Petrie denied completely.

In her publications, the young woman wrote, in fact, that Gaspard Ulil did not share his life with anyone before he left for good. She also expresses gratitude that “more than ever”, in which the late star played alongside Vicki Krebs, “is under selection” at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I am also glad that Gaspard and Vicki Krebs helped each other out with this photoshoot,”

She added.

And at the end of her letter, the beautiful woman wanted to thank the father of her child “for the intelligence he was able to bring to his actions and his career.” There is no doubt that Gaspard Uliel will always have a place in Gael Petri’s heart, despite their breakup.

In addition, apart from the former actor, Gaspard Ulil’s friends mourned the death of the young man. During the actor’s funeral, on January 27, 2022, many of them paid tribute to their late friend.

Mallory spoke privately and turned to little Urso, saying to him:

“We always wondered if your father wasn’t a superhero. He knew how to attract butterflies day and night. He was Peter Pan and we were his lost sons.”

Very touching words.

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