Faimalama Chavez is forced to apologize on the web after his shocking statements!

Vaimalama Chaves and Nicolas Fleury are two superstars that fans love to follow on the web. Miss France 2019 has more than 580,000 Internet users on her Instagram account. As for his companion, the world champion in team cycling, more than 23,000 people do not miss anything from his online activities. Which makes us more than 600,000 people know that the couple is currently on vacation and enjoying Morocco.

A prime destination for the French who dream of sunbathing, swimming, and a change of scenery without speaking a language other than their own. Vaimalama Chaves and Nicolas Fleury are definitely more comfortable in Morocco because they have the means not to deprive themselves and this is not their first stay. But now, people who follow Miss France 2019 must be careful how they express themselves on the web, or else beware of reprisals. Objeko I tell you everything!

Vaimalama Chaves speaks frankly to his fans

Only later the ex-Miss France agreed to speak publicly about her romance, or at least reveal it to the general public. Because, Objeko Give it to you, it’s not that Vaimalama Chaves and Nicolas Fleury have formally formed their relationship, so they planned to talk about the pair with fans. Also, it was only the first shadows and mysteries that appeared on the Instagram account of the former Miss France to let her subscribers know that she was in an affair. On May 23, 2020 First, with the shadow of a guitar on his back and a shadow from his lover holding his bike and helmet in hand.

Then, on June 24, 2020, the audience can find lovers wearing a surgical mask and kissing against the light. No more potential doubts, Vaimalama Chaves announces that they no longer feel the heart. And Objeko He remembers that many of his fans could have guessed that it was Nicholas Fleury.

Since it is official, the lovers did not leave each other. So Vaimalama Chaves and Nicolas Fleury are vacationing together in Marrakech and are happy to share photos of their stay with netizens. The whole time, even if it meant pissing them off because they didn’t know it, that they were already together in Morocco a couple of years ago!

And two years later, here we are again. Marrakech, according to our guide, is literally ‘take a look but don’t stay too long’. We still take the time. To have fun, find ourselves, look up and laugh. If you could go anywhere with your partner, where would you go? We send you many kisses from Morocco and see you soon. »Books by Nicholas Fleury, Companion to Vaimalama Chaves.

At the end of stories Above all, fans of the couple can choose not to miss any of their posts. This is how they discovered the Faimalama Chavez slip… “Today, we left with Rashida, the leader of the day! The representative of the Ministry of Tourism knows everything. History, (real) culture, deception and everything we need to know about our trip.”She said. However, Moroccan culture should not suffer from association with deception …

A long overdue and necessary apology, the my fault Miss France 2019

“My mistake. I apologize for the Moroccan culture! Fraud is not limited to a country! C*uillons, there are everywhere and I circulated very quickly. There are many testimonies going in this direction, compared to a similar experience I had in Marrakesh, but Marrakesh is not Morocco, like Paris is not France! The scammer approach has been reported in Mexico, Asia, Africa and Paris too! So please accept my apologies and this advice: keep enjoying, live and discover! Meet, love and savor, but don’t forget what you really want. And no, it’s not!”Vaimalama Chaves wrote to explain the meaning of his statements deemed inappropriate.

The truth is that the former Miss France did not want to offend anyone. But she is also known for her candor. As well as the direct nature of his speeches, especially on social networking sites. Since it is already confirmed with scams in Marrakech, some believe that it owes the entire country! Fortunately, this is not the case and fans of Vaimalama Chaves will be happy to see that she realizes that it was unwise to make such shortcuts. Objeko He will also add that not all stars know how to openly admit their mistakes. So we know how brave and selfless Miss France 2019 can be.


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