Cars For The Metaverse: Global Overleague event begins live online May 15

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / Accessoire / May 15, 2022 / In the fictional year 2140, the strange world of car enthusiasts does not stop at cutting-edge engines and an adrenaline rush. They can also collect auto parts packaged in Kubik, encoded in NFT format for exchange and trade. Overleague is set to kick off a big Cars For The Metaverse event on May 15th on their day Website Car enthusiasts can’t miss it!

The world begins a new world when the organization called The Pacifist forges a new way to settle all conflicts without starting a neck and neck war: race and win in the Overleague career. Life now is more than just advanced engines and high-speed racing for car enthusiasts. They can now also collect auto parts packaged in Kubik, encrypted in the NFT format for exchange and trade.

This exotic world of car enthusiasts not only stops at luxury engines and high-adrenaline motorsports, but they can now also collect auto parts packaged in Kubik, encrypted in the NFT format for commerce and trade.

Welcome to Overleague, the unique Freemium GameFi that offers players a futuristic racing experience. Overleague truly boasts an ecosystem of racers that are suitable for both hardcore gamers and NFT collectors to let loose and win in a variety of ways. It allows hardcore gamers and collectors of NFT cars to enjoy AAA gaming experience and explore the advantages of both online and offline activities.

At Overleague, designers are also free to express their creative talents by designing and decorating speed machines with cool costumes. Let’s explore the mechanics of this game closely, grab the steering wheel and slide down the deadly tracks.

Overleague is ready to launch a big event, Cars for the Metaverse on May 15Car enthusiasts can’t miss it!

What does the May 15 event include?

The space will be transformed into a showroom with collector’s Super League cars from Overleague. The space will showcase upcoming vehicle features and feature special effects on racetrack, championship, auto aftermarket, and racer intro – all on the Metaverse.

The public can also enjoy the metaverse, enhancing their feel and visualization of the race in the open metaverse.

The event will be a mix of virtual, live performance and presentation sections that will reveal the open metaverse to attendees and audiences: online and offline.

The Genesis Kubik sale schedule is 1 hour after the broadcast (20:00 UTC +7). There will be a 7-day sale from May 15-22. Players can be whitelisted via a file great shape To ensure your valuable Genesis Kubik purchase.

market, It is a decentralized trading platform that allows players to trade important NFT items such as Genesis Kublik and auto parts, to complete their unique vehicle. Players, known as Rovers, will also be able to purchase and claim Kubik from their website during the Genesis Kubik Sale.

10,000 Kubik will be sold for 100 USDT / Kubik on the BSC Network on the day of the event. It is estimated that players will be able to assemble more than 5,300 different models of cars. The total value of Kubik’s sale is equivalent to US$1 million. All this money will be used as prizes for players. For each successfully assembled individual car model first (from the 5300++ model), players will get:

1. Various cash prizes total US$1 million depending on the rarity and uniqueness of this model.

2. The NFT car is exclusive to the Etherium network as kits only. These are not linked to in-game assets.

What does the main in-game activity involve for each player to join an entire car economy on the metaverse?

The basic game activities for each player to join the entire car economy on the metaverse are as follows:

Owning and renting Metaverse tracks: On race day, the riders will ride in their cars and show off their racing skills. They are free to use special powers, compete against other racers for prizes, and earn rewards in races and special events. Renting cars for others to race is also another way to get rich in Overleague.

Plan and improvise your route: It’s not just NFT cars; They are valuable possessions. Now you can express your personality and strength by designing the appearance of your vehicle and equipment parts. Contestants must collect four unique items. This includes the body, rear, wheel and engine to make the car complete before it can race.

Show off your group proudly: The collection is incomplete if it cannot be proudly displayed. Overleague comes with a showroom where you can browse every single piece and vehicle you’ve collected in the showroom, a database of your NFT vehicle collection history and collection history. The showroom also helps you decide which parts are most suitable for your car, and the applause of the audience will help you win more lucrative prizes than you can imagine.

Why choose Overleague?

Entering the vast and wild world of the open metaverse, Whydah gained many valuable experiences, from which he evolved and mutated, becoming a better version. In this launch, Whydah brings you the masterpiece of GameFi Worlds, which allows you to embark on exciting adventures that go far beyond what you would expect from blockchain games.

After the Land of My DeFi Pet, God’s Realm with Mytheria and Ark Warzone with Ark Rivals, the ship is now heading to a new destination for those who feel the need for speed, intense competition, and the drift of power. On the motor circuit is worth opening the metaverse.

The upcoming CARS FOR THE METAVERSE event is just the beginning!

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