Sylvie Teller was forced to lie to her family, and her children were in shock

Sylvie Teller has agreed to play the game and participate in the third season experience of singer mask. But to be part of the adventure, she had to make sacrifices and compromises, including lying to her children. Something she wasn’t used to doing, but she had no other choice in the program. As a reminder, it was hidden under the guise of a chameleon. The director of the Miss France committee reviews her participation and the strategy she has put in place to hide the secret from her children. This is the information you entrusted to our colleagues expensive.

singer mask Sylvie Teller Kept Her Secret Warm While Investigating!

One thing’s for sure, Sylvie Teller wore a chameleon costume on the show singer maskBecause this animal sticks to its skin. In fact, she is on all fronts and has had an amazing journey since winning the Miss France pageant. She managed to rise to the top of the company. In addition to this, she loves to take on new challenges in her daily life. Thus, it was a great pleasure for the mother of Oscar, Margo, and Romeo to slip into the skin of a reptile for the sake of the game. singer mask.

The jury of Gary, Keefe Adams, Angon and Alessandra Sublette is still having a hard time finding the identity of the Miss France jury. She gave them difficulty by masking her voice to hide their tracks. “You made me laugh so much I had fun, I thought it was cool. Anyway, I like to live the experiences, I find it wonderful and it’s the magic of TV‘, that’s what Miss France’s mother said when the jury finally revealed it.

An adventure loved by the director of Miss France!

One thing is for sure, her role in her daily life and especially in the Miss France community is far from that in singer mask. Which is why she liked it, but had to keep the secret warm. “It was so funny, because my eldest son watched the first prime and said to me, Mom, this is your song, When the chameleon sings blind lights from The Weeknd, But at no time did he tell me “Mom, that’s you”“, and is a mother of three. But in the big Miss family, it wasn’t the same. In fact, Sylvie Teller was instantly revealed by Iris Mittenaere and Camille Cerf.”To believe they know me by heartThe beautiful blonde joked with the magazine’s journalists expensive.

Sylvie Teller was forced to hide the truth from her offspring

But when we participate in singer maskThere is only one rule that must be respected, but it is necessary for the smooth running of the show. In fact, characters should at no time reveal their engagement and costumes to those around them under penalty of absconding. In fact, they should keep the secret warm. Thus, Sylvie Teller informed her husband of only one person. But, spur and tight-mouthed with his three sons, it’s no easy task! But, then, how did you do that? Here are the words from an interview expensive This Thursday, May 12th.

Filmed in July and only one person can be told. Then I made everyone think I was at my mother’s house in Les Sables-d’Olonne. When I left the game the kids jumped at me saying “Hey! You are the one who taught us that we should never lie!”Sylvie Teller said. If we stick to the saying: not all facts are good…

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