Le Méta-Hebdo, web record 3

artificial planet It is undeniable that one of the most attractive sectors at the moment, the world of metaverse, virtual and digital, continues its crazy race for development and does not seem ready to stop. you also have favorite newspaper It now offers you, every Sunday, to keep track of otherworldly events together, web3 events and metaverses. Metazoom per week.

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In this week’s metaverse metabolism briefing:

On the web side 2:

  • Disney It hired Chief Technology Officer Mike White to fill a new project coordination role in the metaverse.
  • After Gucci and Dolce Gabbana among others, it’s your turn Victoria’s Secret To express its appeal to web 3. In fact, the world-renowned lingerie company has filed 3 trademark applications with the aim of creating NFTs.
  • Havas Group which is a subsidiary of the company Vivendi The stock market entertainment giant confirmed its interest in metaverses and opened its first village in The Sandbox. Axa and the Casino Group are also following this dynamic and announcing a partnership with the metaverse giant.

Sandbox: the more the better!

The Sandbox, in particular, hasn’t been as inactive this week as usual. she hit Advertising and Partnerships :

  • twilightThe architecture firm is partnering with The Sandbox to develop the design in the metaverse.
  • Omnimorphs : The NFT collecting project that creates unique avatars (10,000 NFTs) also announces a partnership.
  • turn up : The largest Korean game developer has announced the start of a collaboration with The Sandbox.
  • Series Games : A project with the Blockchain-based Game Network (CHAIN) Chain Games.
  • SAND staking on . launch ribbed.

Decentraland or when the metaverse gets involved in politics:

at DrAndCentrallandThe week was also hectic:

  • .’s Avatar Samsung United States Wandered around the Metaverse on Valentine’s Day.
Samsung walks through the metaverse of Decentraland in a day sSt. Valentine’s dayTwitter source
  • As Samsung roams through the green metaverse, we saw a file Demonstration of Superflus . Association On a piece of… Samsung! First virtual event All the time, we can read “Money.. Festation” on the NFT virtual T-shirts of participants denouncing the growing presence of capitalist monsters on Web 3.
Historic first appearance in the metaverse, participants wear NFT jerseys
First appearance in Metaverse Source
  • JP Morgan opens the first banking institution in the metaverse. After he said in 2017 that Bitcoin was a scam, after 5 years he decided to open a bank in Decentraland to allow his clients to invest in cryptocurrency.
Screenshot of a Tweet from JP Morgan Onyx Bank
Onyx Bank JP Morgan – Source Twitter

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The Meta News of the week: Animoca Brands is about playing to win

Animoca Brands: A dynamic company

Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong company, created in 2014 to develop video games. Innovative and futuristic Animoca Brands started developing NFT blockchain games in 2018. A true dead spider, the company creates NFTs and spends millions in the ecosystem. It is common to find it near or far from NFT projects and games on the blockchain. The company owns several subsidiaries including The Sandbox, Blowfish, Studio, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, and others.

Now that we’re done with the introductions, let’s go back to our metamutons. The NFT creative community has been very fertile this week News on its own. Everything is there, guild, game development NFT play to earn, nothing seems to stop it. It is evident from her website news of no less than 5 announcements this week, all of which are more interesting than others:

  • As part of its partnership with The Sandbox and with ocean park (Amusement park in Asia): Organize A Metaverse gameney, providing immersive experiences for theme park goers.
  • launch Guild Acceleration Program$30 million, at the Luna launch pad.
  • – Raised 1.1 billion yen (10 million US dollars) to open subsidiary Animoka Japan Brands.
  • Animoca and . brands Play Magnus Group (PMG) are teaming up to bring chess into the metaverse.
  • Animoca Brands acquires indie game developer Grease Monkey Games.

This is amazing hyperactive default It represents many important milestones in the evolution of Animoca Brands. It also confirms the trends that will surely relate to each other. Play to win, metaverse, guild, real virtual and social ecosystem It builds slowly.

An image depicting Animoca Brands' NFT APE Bored game in the metaverse.
Image showing bored NFT APE game from Animoca Brands

Play to earn guild program

Building on the strength of its many investments, Animoca Brands has decided to partner with them BrinkVenture capital accelerator. Goal: launch a play to win the guild program. Thus, it is planned to distribute $30 million over the next two years to startups focused on expanding the global play to win ecosystem.

Participants in Guild Accelerator Program (Gap) You will receive $500,000 or less to help strengthen the NFT industry. In this program’s team we find Saruboti Sasuke, who is responsible for partnerships at Yield Guild Games.

“As the world enters a new era of work and play, playing to earn the gaming guild space has huge potential for growth. Managing digital assets in games and in the metaverse is a major source of income for hundreds of millions of people. The future of work is being written in the metaverse today, and we are proud to encourage unions that These present new opportunities.”

Yat Seo, Co-Founder and CEO of Animoca Brands

Animoca brands, Committed to the future, has already raised $358 million to improve the Web 3 and metaverse industry since its inception. Their goal is to promoteInnovation and learning In order to educate them about blockchain technology.

It is sometimes criticized for its neo-colonial aspect (to popularize, the wealthy lend NFTs to the poor in return for returns), the development of unions Participation Funds Essential for blockchain development and more specifically for profit. Active and often looking for new members, they are more and more involved in ecosystem life And teach new play to win players. Always conservative, but present in the four corners of the Animoca metaverse signs will continue to energize our metaweeks.

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Metavisit of the week: Decentraland

We went to you this week decentralization. We visited the main square. We met there, an avatar in the tavern, Curious from another world, like tourists, we took a picture of ourselves in our new jacket.

Ad avatar in the Decentraland metaverse
What will be the place of advertising in the metaverse?

Then, like beginners, we approached the columns of this central square and jumped to the first place we saw: dragon rush. Without spending any cryptocurrency, we were able to try and fly with a dragon.

In the Decentraland metaverse, we went to watch Dragon Rush and found a dragon
Discover Dragon Rush in Decentraland, a classic from this metaverse.

The entire community is breaking into metaverses. Advertising, business, politics and social movements are evils that we also know in the real world. How will they adapt in this parallel world? How will the ecosystem react? Over the course of the weeks, we will try to answer these descriptive questions. With Journal du Coin and this new column, there is no doubt that you will never get lost in the metaverse. Let’s stay in touch!

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