How do you know that your wife is still in love? –

Loving wife or traitorous wife? This is the question many men are asking themselves today! At some point in your life as a couple, you’ve definitely wondered if your girlfriend, partner, or wife still loves you. It is a legitimate question.

But what are the signs that a woman still loves her husband?

Women in love: the signs that don’t deceive

In love, not everything is always rosy. There will be times when you will feel lonely and abandoned by your spouse; However I am still in a relationship. Naturally, many questions will arise from within you. You will ask yourself, rightly, If your girlfriend is lying to you, if she is cheating on you and especially if she is still in love with you. These are legitimate concerns that must be made clear in order to improve the relationship between spouses.

In most cases, such a situation arises from “loss of feelings”. Yes, it often happens Your wife or girlfriend’s feelings enter a kind of hibernationAnd she’s no longer overly interested in you. At least in appearance. But how did it come to this? Several reasons can justify this.

Small disagreements win the ground

These are things you don’t always realize, or seem trivial to you, but their impact on your life as a couple can be significant.

In most cases, loss of feelings is born Repeated yes or no arguments. Over time, they eliminate this complicity, no matter how great, between you and your spouse. These harmless quarrels tend to create distance between the two of you, despite the fact that they often seem unimportant and unimportant when they happen.

If you are starting a family, these quarrels can sometimes be stronger, with the daily fatigue and stress of having to manage your children as well as the problems of married life.

However, women are creatures that get tired very quickly, and it’s only natural that they distance themselves from their husbands, sometimes without even realizing it. Your partner who was in love, invested, will at this moment appear to you as a stranger.

To remedy this, you must already have the reaction to not give too much importance to these trifles. After that, it will be necessary to establish this complicity again and as quickly as possible. It’s about giving a second chance, and breathing new life into your relationship and marriage. This way, you will be able to tell if your spouse still loves you early on, and you will be able to handle the difficulties in your relationship as best as possible.

Feeling that it doesn’t exist anymore

Often this feeling of not being there for her is a surefire way to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you, if she’s lying to you, or if she’s already moved on. In addition to these quarrels that recur over time, despite your great physical presence, You get the impression that she doesn’t see you.

Signs of attention towards you are as rare as the hair on the head of a bald person, you perceive a randomly expressed gesture of sympathy as a miracle. All of these things will create a natural doubt in you, as to the sincerity of her feelings, for the (supposed) love she has for you.

Although it is very difficult not to get jealous in such circumstances, you should take it upon yourself and try to work things out. Such behavior does not necessarily mean that your wife is cheating on you or that she no longer loves you at all.. It may be an expression of malaise, decreased motivation, or decreased libido. It is up to you to correct the shot.

If you still wish to be in his eyes, you must revive that bond that was once your strength and the anchor of your relationship. To find out if your wife is in love, you must therefore work to restore the beautiful atmosphere that nourished your daily life. Humor is an effective weapon for this, so that your wife can smile again thanks to you. It would be very useful to rekindle his feelings (if they had disappeared), because, If she still loves you, she will know it quite easily.

Signs that the feelings are still there

If your wife still loves you, you will not be able to hide it; Love feels thousands of miles away. To achieve this, justPay attention to certain signs.

Your opinion always matters to her

If the feelings are still there and sincere, you will notice that your girlfriend will not do anything without you. She will not make any important decision, regarding her career or even her relationships with others, without paying attention. Sometimes you prefer your attitude to hers, because it goes beyond feelings, She trusts your intuition.

She needs to talk to you

The other thing that can let you know that your girlfriend is in love is her communication. A woman who loves you never tires of talking to you. The whole day, Between SMS and phone calls, you’ll feel his presence all the time, even if it’s not physically.

And in the evening, she will hasten to tell you her days, with the same enthusiasm and interest, as when she began. It’s then a sign that lets you know if your girlfriend still loves you, and She doesn’t lie to you, and she doesn’t cheat on you And his words are true.

If your wife still loves you, she will… repent!

The last aspect that may seem paradoxical to you, but is not, is when your spouse is very inclined to blame you. Definitely, This is not a reprimand associated with mood swings, but more real things, which you realize how convenient it is when you find yourself alone to analyze the situation.

In fact, a scolding is a way to show that she cares for you, and proves that her husband is still interested in her. Therefore it must be taken into account quickly to fill it. upside down, When your partner doesn’t blame you, it’s a safe bet that she’s cheating on you, or that she’s no longer in love.

What if my wife no longer loves me?

If it is true that at certain times you need to realize that your partner no longer loves you, and there is nothing left to save him from the spouses, you should try to revive feelings, to maintain a certain passion between you.

This can be very difficult and requires a lot of time, patience and effort on your part. One of the things you can do is try to figure out why your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

Maybe she was disappointed by something she did, or maybe she wasn’t as happy as we saw earlier. There is no point in initiating a recovery process if you have not identified the source of the problem.

Also ask yourself are you still in love? You may have learned it too, your feelings have subsided, and it’s time to say goodbye.

This way, you can easily tell if your spouse loves you on day one… or if you are about to break up. And if you fail, you’ll at least take credit for trying.

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