Her famous husband “her well-being with her sons”, her “medicine” …

Caroline Rowe celebrates her fiftieth birthday on May 14! On a daily basis, on TV (in C dans l’Air), and on the radio, a journalist (associated with a political and media figure) has a (very) long working day. how is she? Détox’, Brawl, insane planning (and secrecy to keep fit): This Grenoble-raised hairdresser’s daughter’s confidence has become the interview star and loyal mother.

Caroline Rowe celebrates her fiftieth birthday This Saturday, May 14, 2022! In addition to the sequence of long working days, the presentation journalist c in the air he is mother of two And The wife of the president of Facebook France. Her ploy to keep fit, her life as a mother, her love for “fighting”, her husband, her rehabilitation…a journalist’s secrets that nothing can stop her.

What Caroline Rowe thinks of social networks

If you comment on his offers on social networksThere’s little chance that Caroline Rowe will answer you. “I do not accept comments on social networks. It might be wrong, but I protect myself. Otherwise, it will affect my work. feel anger in As for the press on the networks, abuses must be sorted out and certain criticisms accepted“, She said figaro. To make his point:But do not be mistaken: the reviews are not only for the “push” of Gilles Beaulieu or Apollin de Malherbe, but Impact on the notification messageTo intimidate them and change the way they ask the question next time“.

No, no, no… to catchy titles

The journalist refuses cause anxiety to the public on its radio programmes.

We respond to fears, but we don’t have to Do not browse fear. Working with the editorial staff, when we start finding titles to be promoted, I say no! We got good reviews, so we don’t need to. Response to concern, yes. But rolling around in that, I don’t find it elegant‘, assured figaro.

Caroline Rowe ‘Physically Committed’

Caroline Rowe believes in it The way he conducts private interviews. “I am Physically attached at the time of the interviewIt’s not very feminine, but it doesn’t matter. I tend to put my hands on the table, and move my chest forward…Sometimes I tell myself I have to straighten up, but that’s part of my personality and my way of presenting.‘, I explained to the team.

Caroline Rowe: The secret to staying fit

The days are long and full of life for Caroline Rowe, who He wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and doesn’t puff up until 11 p.m.. But how does the journalist keep up with it? navel: Take a nap for an hour in the middle of the day. “Otherwise, I crackI explained to Sunday newspaper.

Caroline Rowe: Her “Miracle Dope”

To maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body, Caroline Rowe he is too Sports loversHis panacea! “In addition to skiing, I do everything necessary to avoid back pain, such as yoga and stretching. When I was a kid I had tonsillitis, my family doctor told me: ‘Stop prescribing you. Your medicine is sports‘, captured to the team.

Caroline Rowe: Rehabilitation

To keep up with this frenetic pace during the week, in addition to napping, Caroline Rowe takes another approach: she allows herself whole chapter Part of the weekend. “Friday and Saturday Entire sanctuary: I detox from the news and social networks, me information refusal‘, she confirmed, is still in the Dinar. The Sunday his day”from slow reconnect“. Through “Two o’clock, two and a half hours‘, she allowed herself to read the press to catch up on information that she would have missed.

Caroline Rowe: Her “well-being” with her children

In addition to being a very busy journalist, Caroline Rowe is also Mom for two children, Rosalie, 17, and Marceau, 12. During the week, host c in the air exploits his offspring jumping out of bed: “This Welfare I can make them sleep a little in their pajamas with a bowl of cereal (…) They see me happy and they understand that mother’s evolutionIt is no less important than the role of the father.” Caroline Rowe is too Mother-in-law of Victoire and Sixteendaughters-in-law, who lost their mother, Charlotte Chandelier, who died at the age of 35 from an illness.

Caroline Rowe: Her kids comment on her work

what he does Caroline Rowe’s children Who is their mother’s journalist? “They see me on air, and the older they get, the more they think of me in my interviews. I love their looks, I listen to what they say“, She said figaro.

Who is her husband?

Caroline Rowe poses a welded couple with the father of her children, Laurent Soleil. This graduate became ENA President of Facebook Francein 2013.

Before he took this prestigious position, he was Cabinet Governor Lot et Garonne Between 1996 and 1998, he joined the company Nicolas Sarkozy 2004 when he was Minister of the Interior under Jacques Chirac. Then he was Chief of Staff of Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidency of the Union for the Popular Movement …

but that is not all! Laurent was Sully too Sarkozy’s presidential campaign deputy directorin 2007. Then he was appointed CEO of TF1. Hell trip! “he is look lift me upI have a lot of admiration for him, his judgment, his knowledge of history and political life‘, I captured her to figaro.

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