Netizens identified the person who made it crack

Like every day in the group TPMPAnd columnists reveal their little secrets. Danielle Moreau is no exception to the rule. On this Tuesday, May 10, she admitted that she is falling in love with a columnist who works for the group Channel +. Netizens managed to find the identity of the mysterious man …

TPMP : Discover Danielle Moreau’s Crush LIVE!

It all started when the head started TPMP Back to the last episode of Married at first sight broadcast on the channel m 6. Cyril Hanouna loves the show and Danielle Morrow is single. So he turns to his columnist and asks if it wouldn’t tempt her to try next season to finally find her soul mate. Baba even offered to contact the program director of the channel, whom he knows well. But against all odds, Danielle Moreau made an unprecedented revelation.

Danielle Moreau revealed on set TPMP

“It’s dangerous, I’m falling in love with someone who doesn’t currently exist”begins to tell the columnist about TPMP. “She has twinkling eyes.”Says Cyril affectionate. ” We all want to know.”he insists. “I haven’t met him, he’s someone from the group, I don’t want to dance in front of him, he’s a columnist in the channel group, he’s handsome, smart, he doesn’t know anything about it, I won’t ‘I don’t want to lose my chances'”she completes. “I want you to introduce me and Benjamin Castaldi, to connect me with Comme J’aime and I’d like to be elegant.”

The lucky winner is…

columnist TPMP I whispered the first name of the man my affectionate ears only lusted after, Cyril. Danielle Moreau certainly hoped the man’s identity would remain secret. But she didn’t expect netizens to swing with her. In fact, they are smarter than you think! The latter conducted their investigation and put forward the following hypothesis: it may be the 67-year-old former MP, George Fenech. He changed his profession and is a channel consultant CNews Since 2017.

Does anyone know? How was the information leaked? Here are the comments that we read on social networks: “It’s George Fenech,” “Daniel Cyril’s mic was so bad. George will agree,” “The famous George Fenech must be pretty hungry to go any further, but that’s fine, there’s enough to eat all winter from the hips,” It’s or George Fenech.”

episode TPMP He was romantically accused of Danielle Moreau. In fact, she cracked when she mentioned her first romance. “I went to Jean Le Paulin and the 60-year-old actors. He is an actor. I didn’t go out with him, I was just in love (…) He wasn’t handsome but to me, he was my prince charming. He was cross-eyed, he was very fat, bald” She remembers.

Very embarrassing situation!

In any case, the identity of the man she lusted after fell on deaf ears. On Wednesday, May 11th, Cyril Hanoune decided to take action and bring in the columnist CNews On a silver platter especially for Daniel Moreau. columnist TPMP It was a very stressful time. It must be said that Baba has aroused the suspense … This shows the photo of the ex-MP and takes his smartphone to call him …

She turned pale… Even if she was very embarrassed by the situation, she was still able to exchange a few words with him. Alas, it turns out that his heart is not taken and he is already in a relationship! What a disappointment for Danielle Moreau. Sure, it’s a roller coaster of emotion in the group TPMP. One thing is for sure, Cyril Hanouna is determined to find a companion to help him. Status to follow in the next episode of TPMP!

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