Metavize and Metabloqs form a strategic partnership for 3D spatial development and architectural services in ‘mega-cities’ on the Metabloqs Metaverse

The first dead city is dead-ParisIt is scheduled to be released in June 2022. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Metavize will act as the official representative of Metabloqs for development in other Meta cities in Asia Through strategic investments.

Metablogs offers high quality 3D graphics and a truly immersive experience. There will be easy-to-use tools in Metabloqs for users who want to create their own projects,” he said Mega Shrestha, CEO of Metabloqs. “We are very pleased with our strategic partnership with Metavize. This allows us to create an amazing experience that captures the attention of users, delivers professional spatial planning and 3D architecture services to our real estate investors and business operators, accelerating the property development cycle and improving return on investment.

He commented, “As people spend more time in the digital space for entertainment, commerce and work, their expectations for user experience in the metaverse will be much higher and closer to real-life experience.” Michael Leung, CEO of Metavize. “We are thrilled to partner with Metabloqs, which offers the best immersive experience out of any other metaverse we’ve seen on the market. We believe this great user experience will become a very important driver of user adoption.”

“Metaverse takes virtual assets far beyond cryptocurrency. Metaverse virtual assets are backed by large content such as land, goods and products with real facilities with the metaverse ecosystem,” samson lee, a Metabloqs advisor and CEO, Coinstreet Meta Solutions. “Metaverse NFT stands for “Digital Certificate of Ownership” for value-added virtual assets in the metaverse that are tracked and managed by the blockchain, a “decentralized global computer” that also serves as a settlement system that facilitates all transactions around the world. We are in the early days of market development with growth opportunities. tremendous in the future.”

About Metlux

Metabloqs are a unique metaverse where users can communicate, learn and play. Metabloqs is powered by the XinFin blockchain that caters to the diverse needs of users, whether they want to learn a new skill set, get involved in networking or just spend time playing. The digital assets are stored in the XinFin smart contract and can be transferred.

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About Metaphysis

Metavize is a highly innovative and comprehensive 3D architecture and spatial planning services company for Metavize. We provide product development and architecture services to real estate developers, business operators, owners and product marketing companies to provide their users with an immersive experience in the metaverse. Metavize provides a comprehensive animation, design and manufacturing service for your virtual world adventure in the Metaverse, accelerating the real estate development cycle and improving return on investment. Metavize is hosted by Coinstreet Meta Solutions.

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About Coinstreet Meta Solutions

Coinstreet Meta Solutions, a subsidiary of the Coinstreet Group, has two main business objectives, 1) to provide technology and business solutions to brands and companies by enabling them to take advantage of various opportunities in the metaverse, and 2) to produce and manage NFT projects, and operate NFT markets, including Including providing white label NFT Marketplace solutions.

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