6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing Your Web Host

According to Internet Live Stats data, an additional 1.34 million websites were created this year. In order for them to see the light of day, it was necessary to go through the stage of finding a web host. However, in the face of the many offers available and the complex technical features indicated, it is not always easy to choose one.

Above all, it should be borne in mind that the choice of web hosting depends above all on your needs. Having identified them, it is then necessary to consider the different offerings that are in the market by focusing on very specific criteria.

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1. Integration possibilities

First, you have to look at the types of integrations that each host offers. In general, hosts offer many modules to facilitate installation of sites. If you are using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, it is recommended that you use a hosting that is well suited for your solution. So it may be wise to turn to a WordPress host if this CMS is used. In short, you have to choose it according to the type of platform you want to build.

2. Technical performance

It is essential to choose a web host that is able to provide all the necessary services for the realization and development of your project. This requires taking into account several important indicators, especially in terms of technical performance.

hard disk space

Hard disk space is an essential staple in choosing its host. When designing your website, you should evaluate the storage space that will be required when connected to the Internet. We must also take into account the many contents that will be added in the following years. For example, a blog won’t require as much storage as an e-commerce site. The first can be satisfied with a small area, while the second requires unlimited space to ensure that it functions correctly over time.

connection speed

The server connection speed is also an appropriate comparison point for choosing a web hosting. Relates to the time the server takes to display an Internet user’s request when he or she enters a domain name. It affects the page rendering speed, which will have an impact on the site and traffic. SEO will also be affected, as speed is one of the main criteria for Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

backup plan

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing your hosting is a backup plan. Although it is generally offered by all service providers, you should always check if it is already included in your hosting offer. It is also a good idea to consider the different backup plans that are offered: How often does the host perform scheduled backups? How long does the host keep a backup? How can I access it? There are many factors to consider in your selection.

Email addresses

Some hosts include an email service, and some don’t. Many allow you to create email addresses from the domain name. For the company, it is more convenient than those created on other platforms. In addition, they provide more credibility to the organization. Depending on the hosting offer, these email addresses are offered in a limited or unlimited number.

3. Security

When evaluating a potential host, you should always take a look at the security services they offer. For example, you should know its data protection policy and check if it covers aspects such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is also necessary to take a look at the various hardware at hand, such as an SSL certificate. The latter protects sensitive data of site visitors, such as passwords and bank account details. You should also pay special attention to the protection against computer attacks that are introduced.

4. Technical support

When implementing a website project, one of the main interlocutors is the technical support of its host. We turn to it when we experience a slowdown or worse, an outage. It is therefore essential that he be quick in his response times and be able to provide solutions to any technical issues you may encounter. In this sense, effective and available technical support is just as important as a successful web host.

5. Web Host Scalability

The ability to evolve should not be forgotten. It is therefore necessary to verify that the chosen host is changing at the rate of technological changes (new development languages, innovative IT architectures, etc.). To be sure, it is a good idea to consult the hosts’ posts on their blog or social platforms.

6. Price

When evaluating different web hosting offers, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality-price ratio of the solutions offered. On the other hand, low-cost offers cannot provide enough technical support to ensure data security. On the contrary, choosing a high priced hosting that includes features that will not be used is not the best solution. It is therefore appropriate to compare the offered prices with equal characteristics.

Finally, these criteria are essential for choosing the most efficient web hosting. The good growth of its activity will depend on this decision.

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