Perpignan: Two adults from Club Mini66 talk about their burning passion for miniature

After a two-year hiatus, on Sunday 15 May, the Parc des Sports du Moulin à Vent will host the 35th model exchange market where 75 vendors and members of the Mini66 Club of Perpignan are expected. We met the current and former president of this association. They willingly opened the doors to their secret, immobile, and silent mini-world.

Julian Marzo, President of Club Mini66 in Perpignan: “If I could push the walls back to make room for my little cars, I would!”

A collector since his teens Julian Marzo is also the president of the MINI66 club in Perpignan. Sunday, May 15, the club again organizes a model car exchange, after a two-year hiatus.

This licensed collector is a native of Osh and who in his youth participated in many motor races “for 3 years in the Paris region” Specifies, he is the happy president of Club Mini66 in Perpignan. The latter collects about fifty fans of models and miniatures: cars, trains, trucks, planes, boats, old dolls … “We count in our ranks Few of the ladies are addicted like us.” Let Julian Marzo know. “This hobby can easily become compulsive, often to the detriment of people who share our lives but not necessarily our passions.” For his part, this madness is dedicated exclusively to the automotive world of which he owns about 3,000 miniature models, he tells us, “They range from the scale most valued by collectors (in dimensions) from 1/43 to 1/18 (among the largest). All brands, eras, styles and countries are represented. “I know the history and origin of each of them.” Recognize their owner. They have invested over the years in a guest room.”A real nightmare when you receive someone because you have to pay for everything” The master of mechanisms laughs. Arranged wisely, some in closed display boxes, some dust on shelves, some still shine in their original boxes. The workshop, full of precision instruments and small paint cans, is full of spare parts. Ali Baba’s real cave. A separate world.

Jean-Paul Benon or 40 years of passion for models, from tanks to Russian combat aircraft, including rebuilding the Napoleonic battles, the Vietnam War, and the Normandy landings.

Jean-Paul Benon or 40 years of passion for models, from tanks to Russian combat aircraft, including rebuilding the Napoleonic battles, the Vietnam War, and the Normandy landings.

Jean-Paul Pinon is a collector of aircraft models and fans of historical battle reenactments: “I have two favorite eras: the great battles of Napoleon and World War II”

The former president of Club Mini66 is also a friend and close friend of Julien Marzo. Aside from the fact of belonging to the same club of miniatures they held at arm’s length for many years, their family also shared a love for the United States, and Florida in particular where they have ties. But Jean-Paul Benon, 72, admits to another, older passion: music. He has also given her an entire room in his house decorated like a pub in London where 5,000 CDs of rock, blues, classical, jazz, country, etc. are stored in order. For now is his other secret garden of 200 French cars from yesteryear, fond memories of the twenties, thirties and fifties; His models of Russian, American and German planes and tanks. His faithful to detail the reconstructions near the Normandy landings; Its 5m x 2m table showcases Vietnam War dioramas (18 collage panels, 12,000 1/35 scale figurines, jungle, river, jeeps, barracks, aircraft hangar, etc.). Above all, his display cases were filled with hundreds of miniatures of the young Bonaparte and warlord Napoleon, which he displays with greedy pleasure. “I have always been fascinated by the Empire period reveal. This page of history, rich in epics and massive campaigns led by this steely strategist, is a godsend for collectors! ” Thus Jean-Paul Benon sought to remake the Battle of Waterloo and, more precisely, the little-known enclosed Hogomon Castle. “who played a major role in this battle, June 18, 1815” Little nostalgia host.

Doors open at 9 am; It closes at 5 pm. Gymnasium in the sports park 88 rue Paul Douy in Perpignan. Information: 0672978821 or Free entry.

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