Mastercard launches a reverse patent war to dominate the web 3

Goal ? Mark the metaverse with his mark! – MasterCard just made 15 trademark registrations Regarding future use cases in the metaverse. The payment giant is not on its first attempt in the cryptocurrency world, far from it. Moreover, the company recently Associated with Coinbase in order to allowDirect purchase of NFT by credit card. Now let’s dive right into the heart of Mastercard’s digital ambitions.

If you doubt the interest of payment pioneers such as Mastercard or Visa for web3, you are ready. They also want their share of that futuristic taste and flavor of Cake 3.0. On April 7, MasterCard filed 15 trademarks in connection with this new world based on NFT and the metaverse. They include the multimedia supported by NFTs and digital marketplaces. But above all, these filings also reflect their ambitions in terms of processing files Transactions within the metaverse.

It is already possible that payments in the metaverse will become commonplace. Just take a look at the news that has been circulating in these new digital spaces lately. Decentraland She even hosted a fashion show as part of Metaverse Fashion Week. It is logical to believe that in the future transactions will be associated with it. Will we soon be able to?Buy our favorite outfit in the metaverse Right after seeing him scroll? This new economy anyway seems to be in the sights of MasterCard, which has the intent to put its mark on it.

It should be noted, however, that deposits made by Mastercard are write 1 b. Unlike apps write 1 a Intended for real use, there is no need here to provide evidence of concrete use for the government. Deposit 1b simply denotes intent to use, based on The company’s goodwill. Simply put, Mastercard knows that it will publish use cases based on these technologies, but their implementation is still being studied.

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Payment leaders seem to be fighting hard to be the ones to get their hands on this new digital sector. The least we can say is that MasterCard aims broadly.

[les ambitions de Mastercard sont] Financial sponsorship of cultural events, charity events, concerts, sporting events, travel experiences, gastronomic events, festivals and prizes in virtual worlds and other virtual worlds”

Master Card Credit Card

Real life events may soon find their counterpart in the world of Web 3. Then the financial risks will be enormous. Indeed, MasterCard and its competitors do not hesitate to invest large sums in order to develop their activities in this sector. Recently, Visa launched his program Visa Generator His goal is to help artists get started in the field of blockchain and NFT. The company is also the owner since this summer of one of the Famous Cryptopunks.

American Express For its part also presented a Patent series and metaverse-centric logo. They also say they are watching this nascent sector carefully. So MasterCard is already dealing with tough competition in these virtual worlds that never stops attracting new players.

The metaverse, which was still abstract about a year ago, could do well this year Compete with NFTs in terms of popularity. It is clear that MasterCard and Visa want to take advantage of the emergence of this new field and the opportunities for childbirth. And so they get involved frenzied race towards metaverse, launched by all the giants of our real world, such as McDonald’s or Adidas. Will we be at the door? Ready Player One in the pipeline ?

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