Idrissa Guy organizes a charity evening against cancer and HIV: “Children need us”

On Thursday evening, approximately 270 guests will have the opportunity to attend the gala dinner organized by the organization “For Hope” in Paris, which was co-founded by the Parisian midfielder Idrissa Gui and works in the fields of health, food, education, environment and social development. The Senegalese’s teammates, Africa 2022 champion Kylian Mbappe, must be there for this evening for the benefit of children living with HIV and cancer.

In particular, Mbappe and Messi shirts, a ball from the African Cup of Nations final, a pair of Sadio Mane cleats and James glasses will be on sale. It will be possible to participate in the sale by registering on the Drouot website. For Le Parisien, Idrissa Gueye, 32, speaks of his commitment and necessarily the end of the season for PSG. In any case, his words are sincere and touching.

Why did you participate in the For Hope Foundation in April 2021?

Idrissa Joy. Basically, we worked in the social sphere but more in anonymity. We said to ourselves among friends: Instead of acting on our own, why not gather more people to make a bigger impact in France, Senegal, or anywhere in the world? It was created to help the most disadvantaged people. We started very small and are trying to grow. We have many ambitions. We did many activities in Senegal and France. This party will allow us to end this first year in style.

Have you always had this altruistic approach?

Yes, but before that I was doing it a little bit on my own. One day we landed with my wife and future president (Makeev Diouf). We talked about the measures we’ve already taken, whether during Covid when students in France needed it or even before that when there were floods in Senegal. We said to ourselves: Why not create an association to be able to help more people? Today we are very proud of him.

What do you expect from Thursday evening?

Especially to spread health awareness. Because most of us think that children do not have cancer or AIDS. So the point is to tell people that kids need us. If we all work together, we will not be able to stop this scourge, but to save many lives and help children out of it. When we went to Senegal to visit the centers, we really knew that something had to be done. That’s why we’re up tonight: to bring other people with us and have more power.

Are you a source of hope in Senegal?

Yes, but not necessarily only in Senegal. Because when we saw what was happening there, we inquired about the situation, and we saw that in all the countries in Africa the problem was almost the same. So we have to act. Why don’t I deal with everyone I know? Because I can do something for a few kids but not much more than that. That’s why we organized this evening. I know people will be sensitive because it affects children. It touches me a lot. I am a very family person and many like me. I know many would like to help Africa but don’t necessarily have the right relays to be able to do so. This will be an opportunity for them.

Have you influenced you to have the support of your club partners, like this last trip on which Presnel Kimpembe accompanied you?

I honestly have nothing to say about it and I am very surprised! It was good to see Prisnel travel with me to Senegal. He really showed his support for the association. Then at the club, many people present answered, passed on information, or made videos without asking me. Same thing in the evening: when I sent the invitations and discussed it with some guys, they all told me that they would be there and that they would support me. For me, it’s already a successful evening, given the steps we’ve taken so far, it’s really unbelievable.

Having Mbappe, Messi, Neymar or James will give a global impact on your business…

That’s exactly. They are personalities followed all over the world. And if they come to our party, they can pass the message on to other people through their social networks or why not by talking during the party. This is honestly something that will give me more insight and can help us a lot.

Do you think the solidarity actions of top athletes should be highlighted?

I’m sure there are a lot of socially invested players out there but they often do it alone. And for us, this is the message we’re sending: Why not do it all together instead of each one alone? Many people would like to help and may take the association more seriously. They know it comes from me, that I’m not here to make money. exactly the contrary. We give a lot of our time and pocket. But we love what we do and we all give without counting.

What did this African champion title bring you with Senegal?

People look at you differently and above all, that makes us legends in Senegal because it is something the country has been waiting for for years. I think everyone on the African continent was happy for us because we deserved it. Maybe that’s what we needed to go from a small team to a big Senegalese team.

How do you live this end of the season marked by joy with Senegal and disappointment after the Champions League elimination against Madrid?

The disappointment with the Champions League is still there. We wanted to go ahead with this competition. It’s the club’s dream, the dream of all the players here. It’s still a good season for me to qualify for the World Cup, the African champion title and the Ligue 1 title. We’ll finish it off well with this evening which will make for a good season for me, although we could have hoped for the best.

Do you hope that the last game in Park against the Metz on May 21 will allow for reconciliation with the fans?

I really hope we can ease the tensions. We have all experienced this elimination in the Champions League. We are just as disappointed as them, if not more. Unfortunately, that’s how it is, that’s the sport. And we hope we can end up with this reconciliation, with a big party forget this season and prepare well for next season.

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