Europe Week 2022: Sylvia Hatliff’s speech

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I wish you a warm welcome to the EU residence in Benin. Thank you all for coming to celebrate with us Europe Day, our European celebration of peace and unity.

I am glad that we are meeting in large numbers today. We all know that the profound consequences of the global health crisis are far from over. But thanks to our combined efforts, this year we were able to do much better than last year. This success is the success of pluralism and solidarity. We can be proud of this solidarity and learn from it. Whether it is combating the global pandemic, climate action, sustainable and inclusive development, or security and maintaining peace: we know we will always be stronger together.

Dear attendees, dear guests,

It is in this very spirit that the European Union celebrates Europe Day every year on 9 May with its partners around the world. This is the date of the anniversary of the Schumann Declaration. On that day in 1950—shortly after the devastating Second World War—French Foreign Minister, Robert Schumann, proposed a new form of political cooperation, one that would make war between the member states of the new Europe unthinkable. Prosperous Europe.

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