6 Months to Becoming a Professional Web Developer: The Strict Clock Method

What if you become a web developer and go back to school for a few months? This is what O’clock offers by training web developers in TV Show. Full, serious and well supervised training.

With an average annual salary of 34,000 to 40,000 euros for beginners, becoming a web developer is the royal road to retraining. Not only is the sector actively recruiting, but in addition, companies look at the diploma degree less than the skills of candidates, through exams, during interviews. Therefore, finding the right training to become a web developer opens the doors to a promising professional future.

Web development veterans at the helm

However, training as a web developer is not easy. OK, there are many MOOCs, video packages, or sites that specialize in self-study. But not everyone has the motivation or the rigor to learn everything on their own. And when you encounter difficulty, it is not easy to ask questions to specialists.

This is where O’clock comes in. O’clock is a training organization made up of former web developers who are passionate about teaching. They are experts in web development and know both the business itself and the trends in the professional environment.

It’s not just a matter of technique in the O’clock School method. Being a good web developer requires many skills.

Above all, O’clock considers that a good training in web development requires several months of teaching, exercises, and follow-up from a trainer who knows their subject well. This is the first peculiarity of the O’clock training method: it is a real online school.

Real courses and remote presence to motivate yourself

Once you are enrolled in development training, the courses are taken in the form of a distance application. So it is held at set times (between 9am and 3pm) and is led by an instructor – an experienced web developer – with a group of students. These courses are not passive: Students can talk and ask questions via chat or answer surveys.

O'clock School's online course platform is developed in-house.
O’clock School’s online course platform is developed in-house.

No doubt about using Google Meet or Zoom. O’clock has developed its own streaming platform. It does not require you to turn on the camera all the time and allows you to watch replays if necessary. These group lessons in the virtual classroom are then systematically concluded with exercises.

These are tests to validate theoretical knowledge and practical exercises (games, projects or websites are assembled from scratch) to encourage practice but also collaboration among students. Students who can also seek help from teachers during the week or reach out to each other to help each other out on the weekends.

O’clock has gone above and beyond to promote integration and inclusion for all of its students. Conversations are accompanied by real-time translations and some classes may have a sign language interpreter. And in the case of an exercise that requires computing power, O’clock gives its students access to a virtual office to work with a powerful device from the cloud.

3 to 16 months of training, work-study plus

The quality of supervision is at the heart of the training that this virtual school provides. These are many and varied, but above all they are adapted to the requirements of companies. The duration of the internship ranges from 3 to 16 months depending on the languages ​​covered … or your professional project. Because O’clock also offers work and study training.

O'clock also offers general training (
O’clock also offers general training (“Full Stack”) as well as specialty units.

In general, for beginners, it takes 6 months of training to learn the most popular languages ​​and platforms: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React, WordPress and many others. Web developer training allows taming all these concepts and ends with a major in technology (Symfony, React or WordPress).

Continue up to the job search

O’clock is well aware that it is her students who will then represent her in companies. The level and skills of her students are ultimately her best advertisement. This is why O’clock organizes workshops at the end of the training to better promote your resume or build your LinkedIn page.

Follow-up ranging from training on job search tools, advice on creating resumes, getting you in touch with a network of partner companies through to expert advice on interviews and job negotiation, contract and salary.

The 6 months of training in the web developer course is divided into 476 hours of acquiring the basics, 168 hours of training and 154 hours of working on concrete projects.
The 6 months of training in the web developer course is divided into 476 hours of acquiring the basics, 168 hours of training and 154 hours of working on concrete projects.

Many ways to fund your training

These six months of training (or 798 hours of lessons) have a cost. Once again, O’clock has a dedicated team to find funding for your training. Because the last thing about O’clock School is the delivery A fifth-level professional title, equivalent to baccalaureate +2 at the end of training.

This professional title makes it possible to benefit from many financial aids from organizations such as CPF (now famous), Agefiph, or even AIF. Nearly three-quarters of students now benefit from total or partial assistance to pay for their training.

O’clock is a rigorous and serious training center that genuinely cares about the future of its students. More than just a MOOC or a simple training video, this is one of the most powerful courses to be found in web development today.

To learn more about O’clock, visit the school’s official website or YouTube channel. This includes end-of-year student projects, FAQs, and the Instructors’ Show.

O’clock also organizes a life regularly. Thus, the next part is devoted to news of the school and its future projects in terms of training, but also to answering questions that prospective and future students may have.

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